Virtual Advertising Cutting Through The Regulation

Virtual Advertising Cutting Through The Regulation

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Virtual Advertising Cutting Through The Regulation

White Paper from Supponor

Fri 25, 09 2020

This paper proposes a way forward for entities seeking to implement or take advantage of virtual advertising solutions. It focuses on use of this technology in a sporting context but the principles are as relevant to use of the technology within any live event broadcast.

Although there is a complex legal framework, with differing positions around the world, we believe it is useful to develop some broad principles in this emerging regulatory area to support the development of the Virtual Advertising sector.

Whether you are a sports rights holder, broadcaster, producer, advertiser or technology provider, we hope this paper will clarify the regulatory issues and provide you with a pragmatic way forward which we propose can act as a useful benchmark for the industry and regulators around the world to refer to and adopt.

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