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Virtual Playout in the Cloud

White Paper from Playbox Technology UK Ltd

Tue 30, 03 2021

Today's rapidly changing broadcast marketplace necessitates faster channel launch and much more flexible content management, all while dealing with a massive increase in 8K, HD, and UHD data requirements and the ongoing need to reduce infrastructure and production costs. The white paper reflects specifically on these requirements by investigating the possibilities provided by an open broadcast content management and playout scheme, which, unlike all other broadcast technology, is completely deployed in the Cloud.

The virtualized cloud playout platform would eliminate the need for capital technology investment and the purchase and maintenance of costly broadcast playout hardware, allowing TV channel owners around the world to outsource almost all of the technological equipment historically used for broadcasting.

The platform virtualizes the channel management process, which is managed from a standard enterprise device from a secure internet link secured by a firewall. Program playout can be automated to the degree necessary while also maintaining the ability to ingest live content.

The cloud-based interactive playout allows independent broadcasters to launch new television channels on short notice, whether as a permanent extension to an existing bouquet or as a supplemental program stream covering a temporary event. It is adaptable to a wide range of deployment models, allowing for stable service across baseband, hybrid IP, and virtualized, cloud-based networks.

The cloud-based virtual playout allows independent content providers to launch television networks without the high start-up costs that are traditionally associated with such projects, while still offering unrivalled versatility in format handling and transcoding. It supports almost every technological norm in today's rapidly changing broadcasting market, whether for cable, satellite, or internet streaming, live, near-live, or catch-up.

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