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Virtual Sets: a guide from Brainstorm


Wed 21, 02 2018

Virtual Sets have become increasingly popular over the years. The competition for the audience is intense, and viewers demand the better quality and the highest realism possible in what they see on television. So using virtual studios is quite interesting for broadcasters of any size, allowing for saving production costs while enhancing their content, therefore what once was a complex tool only reserved for the biggest companies is now a widespread solution.

Brainstorm pioneered the 3D virtual set technology for television, becoming the first company in creating a live real-time 3D virtual set at an interview with Mike Oldfield back in 1993. The company also started the development of technologies such as early camera tracking for 3D virtual sets.

This document provides an overview of the current technologies and an approach to virtual set production, from setting the studio to the software solutions and production requirements. We will also see how the virtual sets work, and the possibilities they provide using Brainstorm products such as eStudio or Infinity Set, possibly the most advanced solutions for virtual set production.

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