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Why dynamic analyst relations is pivotal to business success

Report from Platform Communications

Thu 09, 09 2021

This report is based on in-depth interviews with top technology industry analysts, including Karsten Weide (IDC), Maria Rua Aguete (Omdia), and Guy Bisson (Ampere Analysis).

Key findings include:

  • Analysts across the board are reporting they are busier than ever, especially for consultancy as B2B tech buyers are relying more on their advice.
  • This is the result of ongoing disruption across a number of markets, which has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • There are more boutique and independent analysts with niche specialisms now, meaning analyst relations is no longer the exclusive domain of large organisations.
  • Companies can achieve a competitive advantage if they approach AR in the right way. Working through clear business objectives is the key.

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