Actus Digital – Gain business agility, be faster and save human costs with your monitoring system

Actus Digital – Gain business agility, be faster and save human costs with your monitoring system

Actus Digital – Gain business agility, be faster and save human costs with your monitoring system

Journal Article from Actus Digital

Wed 14, 09 2022

Any business is striving to be more agile, reduce operational costs, optimize performance, and speed up processes, while understanding that business process automation eliminates the bottlenecks that lead to lost time and revenue.

One way to achieve this is to have as many automatic workflows as possible that not only allow faster results, better response time, and better accuracy but also save human capital and eliminate mistakes. Furthermore, the AI engine development in the last years has contributed significantly to workflow automation and intelligence, allowing cost reduction, productivity, availability, reliability, and better performance.

You may ask how a compliance and monitoring platform can make your business more agile.

The answer depends on the use cases and workflows the monitoring solution offers. Actus Digital is a good example.

Let us take a few examples and see the ways Actus Digital compliance and monitoring platform is assisting with these goals.

Creating the VOD library automatically

Creating VoD libraries can be a time-consuming process. It requires monitoring each and any program, removing all the ads by multiple marks in and marks out manually, adding logos, effects, metadata, selecting the subtitle, the audio languages, converting the content to the desired format, selecting the destination, etc. Many of these actions have to be done repeatedly, which is a time-consuming process, including the probability of possible errors. This is more extreme when there is a large volume of content to deal with that will require enormous manpower. An automated process, that is included in Actus Clip Factory PRO solution, eliminates the possibility of errors based on human restrictions, speeds up the process enormously, improves accuracy, and of course, lowers the operating costs. Furthermore, it improves the ability to be more competitive since your content will be ready on your VOD platform much faster.

AI provides flexible and powerful media and content monitoring

Searching, analyzing, and cataloging quickly and effectively a large volume of content and finding specific spoken topics or particular people, or being able to search for content in different languages all need the integration of different AI engines into the daily workflows. It is needed to identify trends that can be used for various reasons such as political, news, commercial, and scientific purposes.

The integration with AI engines (offered by Actus AI module) such as speech-to-text, face recognition, and translation allows immediate audio and video analysis, crossing the boundaries of languages. For example, think about a process that requires speech-to-text. The result also has to be translated into another language. Such a task would require a different type of expertise, coordination between different systems, and time.

Not only can you search for specific topics or specific people, but you can also create your own list of relevant topics or information, be automatically alerted when relevant audio or video is aired, or have the relevant clips created automatically. It saves human resources; it is accurate and immediate, allowing you to immediately be exposed to the information you need and respond accordingly. When it comes to news monitoring, exporting content to the new media platforms on the spot, or learning about political trends, it is crucial to be fast exposed to the information.

Intelligent competitive analysis

Another example of AI-based automation is a more effective and fast competitive analysis. The ads are a major source of revenue for any TV network and the content owner. Therefore, the ads' sales teams are constantly striving to increase the ads' airtime and prove higher rating results. Using an AI for automatic ads detection (such as Actus Adwatch) allows you to automatically track the aired ads on your and competition channels and get automatic reports on ads aired at the competitive channels but not on yours. For example, get an automatic report in cases when specific ads are aired more times on your competitive channels. Getting this information manually is unrealistic as it will take endless manual work, will not be accurate, and more importantly, it will not allow fast response time and taking the necessary action.

To summarize: automation and AI integration reduce the necessary time, increase the production output, can work unattended 24 x 7, increase productivity and efficiency, eliminate human errors, improve accuracy, allow the creation of more complex workflows, save human resources, and bring faster results.

About Actus Digital (

Actus Digital is the world’s leading and global supplier of compliance logging, intelligent QA monitoring solutions addressing a multitude of requirements for media companies and business enterprises. Since 2005, hundreds of customers have chosen Actus Digital to help them affordably improve quality, comply with regulations, and automate the analysis and repurposing of content.

Reliable 24/7 content recording from a variety of inputs from baseband (like SDI, HDMI, etc.) to transport stream (including ATSC/ATSC 3.0 via antenna, IP, ASI, and QAM) and IP (such as SMPTE ST 2110, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and RTMP) with multiple audio and caption tracks allow Actus Digital customers to address both linear-broadcast and OTT needs.

Online and software-based multiviewers display any combination of channels with must-have compliance logging for things such as missing closed captions, DVB subtitles, and loudness violations. Additional engineering features for things like SCTE 35/104, NAVE detection, TS analysis, and many quality assurance alerts are all part of the standard Actus Digital platform.

Other advanced features including graphical ratings next to video competitive analysis, integrated playlist to as-run log discrepancy reporting, advanced clips creation for content repurposing and social media, and AI-enabled content detection and speech-to-text, address cross-organizational use cases. Actus Digital has offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia, ensuring worldwide 24/7 support.

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