IABM Elected Members

Andreas Hilmer

Lawo - Chair

James Gilbert

Pixel Power (A Rohde & Schwarz Company) – Immediate Past Chair

Peter Crithary


Raymond Thompson


Stefan Lederer


Douglas Triblehorn

Comcast Technology Solutions

Dennis Breckenridge

Elevate Broadcast Pte Ltd

Nicolas Bourdon


Knut Andersen

Fonn Group

Neil Maycock

Grass Valley

Glodina Connan-Lostanlen

Imagine Communications

Jade Kurian


David Phillips


Peter Emminger

NEP Group

Alison Pavitt

Pebble Beach Systems

Steve Russell

Red Bee

Chris Lennon

Ross Video

Peter Sykes


Anna Lockwood, Telstra

Anna Lockwood

Telstra Broadcast Services

Josh Arensberg

Verizon Business Group

IABM Appointed Members

Peter White, IABM

Peter White

Chief Executive

Nathalie Schwarz

Vice Chair

Christine Losecaat MBE

Non Executive Director

Lucinda Meek

Chief Financial Officer

Chair of Member Councils

Paul Stechly

Applied Electronics - Americas' Council

Thomas Gunkel

Skyline Communications - EMEA Council

Alex Timbs

Dell EMC - APAC Council

"I am thrilled to have been re-elected as a board member for IABM, and proud of how the organisation has risen to the challenge of keeping us all informed and connected during the pandemic. With a massive digital offering, and important initiatives such as the work on addressing the component shortages via the Exchange platform, the IABM has cemented its position as a reactive, relevant and influential part of our community. As a re-elected board member, I’m looking forward to continuing to support the organisation as it provides on-going support and key industry insights, keeping our peers connected in a meaningful and tangible way."

Alison Pavitt, Director of Sales and Marketing, Pebble

"Bitmovin has been a long-standing member of the IABM community, and we’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that it has had on the video streaming industry. With more than 22,000 contacts from more than 117 different countries, IABM regularly gathers and engages the industry’s best experts to help us all grow to shape a better video ecosystem. I am honored to join the IABM board as we work together to develop and improve global awareness around back-end video technology."

Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-Founder, Bitmovin

"I am excited to be joining IABM as a board member and doing all I can to amplify this organization’s great work. As a regular attendee of IABM events and an enthusiastic consumer of their market intelligence reports, I’ve seen first-hand the quality and care they put into each project. Providing trusted knowledge and support to companies across the mediatech ecosystem is something this group takes seriously. And at a time when our industry is developing and adopting new technologies at an astonishingly rapid pace, IABM’s mission has never been more critical. I congratulate all of the new board members and look forward to working with them to advance IABM’s efforts—particularly those on sustainability and diversity & inclusion. I think our industry has a responsibility to address these issues and IABM is in a unique position to shape the narrative. That’s important to me.”

Josh Arensberg, Global Head of Business Development, Media & Entertainment, Verizon Business Group

“It’s an honor to be elected by my peers to serve on the IABM board.  Together we can bring high value to our global industry with insight, education, and collaboration.  I look forward to sharing perspectives gained over three decades of service in this industry, and in my leadership role within Comcast Technology Solutions. We all face real-time opportunities and exciting challenges for which IABM can help serve as a guiding light.”

Doug Triblehorn, Vice President, Global Sales, Comcast Technology Solutions

"I am humbled and excited to join the Board of IABM, an organization committed to facilitating the growth and success of members of the broadcast and media technology industry. The broadcast and media sectors have recently met innumerable challenges and rapid changes and IABM has been there to lead, rally and help. At latakoo, we provide technology that is part of the mission-critical workflows of broadcasters and we believe in the “fierce urgency of now.” Meeting that urgency and finding innovative solutions to today’s most pressing needs requires diversity in thought, people and technology. For us, the question is not just how can we enable broadcast and media, but also how can we enable the freedom to create."

Jade Kurian, co-founder and President, Latakoo

“I am delighted to able to serve the IABM board again.  The IABM is supporting the Broadcast industry during this critical period of transformation not only as a industry but also through challenges including Covid and global component supply shortages which has deeply impacted all members.  As the broadcast industry redefines itself through in person events, production methodologies and innovative technologies the industry needs an organization which represents and supports them through these turbulent times.  I plan to being an Asian perspective to the board as the growth in the APAC market as suppliers and consumers is helping the industry continue to grow and innovate.  The IABM has shown fortitude in these past two years and I look forward to continuing this work as a member of the board supporting its members. ”

Dennis Breckenridge, CEO, Elevate Broadcast Pte Ltd

“Having spent more decades than I care to admit in this industry, on the broadcaster side, consultant, and vendor (both small and large), I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give back by serving on the IABM Board. I think my perspective is unique, given that I’ve played on all sides of this industry, and tend to bridge the technical and business worlds. ‘, hopeful that this should come in handy. The IABM adds so much to our industry in terms of bringing the vendor community together, serving as a visionary force, and generally raising the tide for all of us that I can’t wait to help to shape its direction going forward.“

Chris Lennon, Office of the CTO: Director, Standards Strategy, Ross Video

“I’m thrilled to be confirmed as a new member of the IABM Board. The IABM plays pivotal role in the global media industry through networking opportunities, thought leadership, and original research. As a new board member, I’m looking forward to being a part of shaping the future IABM policy, innovation and direction, reacting to and influencing our market’s rapid evolution.”

Steve Russell, Chief Product Officer, Red Bee

"Sharing knowledge and insights, as well as collaborating across the industry is more important than ever, to offer relevant technology in a demanding market. IABM plays an important role in facilitating exactly this; bringing the industry together, collecting and sharing insights and offering resources that many of the individual member companies, such as our own young technology group, would not have access to alone. It's an honor to represent Fonn Group on the new board and I look forward to working with the team and the impressive list of board representatives"

Ingrid Agasøster, Chief Operating Officer, Fonn Group