Journal 126 - IABM Industry Magazine

Journal 126 - IABM Industry Magazine

Journal 126

Mon 11, 09 2023

Table of Contents

Accedo – AI’s role in the OTT industry’s pursuit for sustainability

Agama – From reaction to prevention: how Telcos can manage video quality proactively

Agile Content – How encouraging user engagement can help OTT companies decrease their ecological footprint

Appear – Protecting our fragile planet: the media/broadcast industry’s journey towards a greener horizon

Beam Dynamics – Intelligent technology lifecycle management

Black Box – KVM trends in the broadcast industry

Blu Digital – Fere nihil sine deo: thoughts on AI localization and humanity=

Blue Lucy – Bringing the cloud to earth

Caton Technology – Cover the globe with internet connectivity

Chyron – Exploring cloud vs. hardware solutions: addressing customer needs and financial considerations

Clear-Com’s flexible technologies provide invaluable business efficiency

Consult Red – Aggregate more

Densitron – Outsourcing can help companies refocus and build business efficiency

DOTSCREEN – Unlocking diversity and efficiency: the benefits of multiple 3rd party vendors for end-to-end OTT streaming services

EditShare – Will AI really transform the media industry?

Etere – How to generate automatic metadata for newsrooms

Fabric – Reinventing IFE sales syndication with Fabric Connect

Farmerswife – Automating workflows with Cirkus

G&L – Elasticsearch features for incident detection: are they worth considering?

Imagine Communications – During the transition from ground to cloud, a hybrid approach to playout offers the best of both worlds

IMSC Rosetta – A new era for subtitle formats bridging broadcasting and streaming

Jigsaw24 – Fringe benefits: post houses, soaring power fees and sustainability

LTN – How to secure your IP-based future the simple way

MainConcept – Can codecs improve ad engagement?

Marquis – 2nd generation digital migration: if it were easy, everyone would do it

Matrix – The secret to ad sales success in a changing media landscape

Matrox Video – How to communicate the value of technology solutions to buyers

MediaKind – Using the latest green video encoding tech can help broadcasters slash their Capex/Opex energy rates

MetaBroadcast – Overpaying for data?

Net Insight – How IP turns the page on sports video production and distribution

Norsk – Build vs. Buy: the best of both worlds

NOVELSAT’s 5G video solution: unleashing the future of video experiences

Oxagile – Agile engineering in OTT: how media and entertainment quickly adapts to changes

Qvest – Touchdown for American football in Europe: reaching more sports fans with FAST channel playout

Signiant – Bridging the gaps between files and objects for media

Simplestream – Needle in a haystack: the challenge of normalizing metadata

TAG Video Systems – Unlock business success in the cloud: gain unmatched agility and efficiency

Three Media – Driving towards business agility

Varnish Software – Making streaming more sustainable: three effective methods for achieving more with less

Veritone – so your content is finished… now what?

Veset – How cloud playout is helping ease the complexity of playout

VisualOn has released its universal content adaptive encoding solution – VisualOn Optimizer

Vizrt – Cloud considerations: how to guarantee success when ‘going cloud’

V-Nova - Sustainable streaming: The state of play and what’s next

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