Journal 126 - IABM Industry Magazine

Journal 126 - IABM Industry Magazine

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Journal 126

Mon 11, 09 2023

Journal 126

Published Q3 2023

Journal is the IABM Magazine released every quarter that covers hot topics within the industry. It is distributed widely throughout the industry.

Table of Contents

Accedo – AI’s role in the OTT industry’s pursuit for sustainability

Agama – From reaction to prevention: how Telcos can manage video quality proactively

Agile Content – How encouraging user engagement can help OTT companies decrease their ecological footprint

Appear – Protecting our fragile planet: the media/broadcast industry’s journey towards a greener horizon

Beam Dynamics – Intelligent technology lifecycle management

Black Box – KVM trends in the broadcast industry

Blu Digital – Fere nihil sine deo: thoughts on AI localization and humanity=

Blue Lucy – Bringing the cloud to earth

Caton Technology – Cover the globe with internet connectivity

Chyron – Exploring cloud vs. hardware solutions: addressing customer needs and financial considerations

Clear-Com’s flexible technologies provide invaluable business efficiency

Consult Red – Aggregate more

Densitron – Outsourcing can help companies refocus and build business efficiency

DOTSCREEN – Unlocking diversity and efficiency: the benefits of multiple 3rd party vendors for end-to-end OTT streaming services

EditShare – Will AI really transform the media industry?

Etere – How to generate automatic metadata for newsrooms

Fabric – Reinventing IFE sales syndication with Fabric Connect

Farmerswife – Automating workflows with Cirkus

G&L – Elasticsearch features for incident detection: are they worth considering?

Imagine Communications – During the transition from ground to cloud, a hybrid approach to playout offers the best of both worlds

IMSC Rosetta – A new era for subtitle formats bridging broadcasting and streaming

Jigsaw24 – Fringe benefits: post houses, soaring power fees and sustainability

LTN – How to secure your IP-based future the simple way

MainConcept – Can codecs improve ad engagement?

Marquis – 2nd generation digital migration: if it were easy, everyone would do it

Matrix – The secret to ad sales success in a changing media landscape

Matrox Video – How to communicate the value of technology solutions to buyers

MediaKind – Using the latest green video encoding tech can help broadcasters slash their Capex/Opex energy rates

MetaBroadcast – Overpaying for data?

Net Insight – How IP turns the page on sports video production and distribution

Norsk – Build vs. Buy: the best of both worlds

NOVELSAT’s 5G video solution: unleashing the future of video experiences

Oxagile – Agile engineering in OTT: how media and entertainment quickly adapts to changes

Qvest – Touchdown for American football in Europe: reaching more sports fans with FAST channel playout

Signiant – Bridging the gaps between files and objects for media

Simplestream – Needle in a haystack: the challenge of normalizing metadata

TAG Video Systems – Unlock business success in the cloud: gain unmatched agility and efficiency

Three Media – Driving towards business agility

Varnish Software – Making streaming more sustainable: three effective methods for achieving more with less

Veritone – so your content is finished… now what?

Veset – How cloud playout is helping ease the complexity of playout

VisualOn has released its universal content adaptive encoding solution – VisualOn Optimizer

Vizrt – Cloud considerations: how to guarantee success when ‘going cloud’

V-Nova - Sustainable streaming: The state of play and what’s next

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