The IABM Business Standard is a code of conduct to which all IABM Members subscribe. It comprises a set of business rules that promote ethical behavior towards all stakeholders of an organization, from employees to competitors.

IABM Members are proud to demonstrate their affiliation to the IABM Business Standard and keen to ensure that our industry remains one of integrity and professionalism.

  • Company Standard – Members should demonstrate integrity and professionalism in their operations, management and governance
  • Customer Standard – Members should deliver high standards of customer care and service
  • People Standard – Members should respect their staff and adopt policies which reflect good practice in human resource management
  • Product & Service Standard – Members should produce products and supply services which perform to their published specification
  • Environmental Standard – Members should recognize their corporate obligation to minimize their environmental footprint
  • Ethical Standard – Members should behave in an ethical manner and demonstrate integrity in their commercial activities
  • Competition Standard – Members should treat their competitors with courtesy and respect
  • Community Standard – Members should participate in their industry community in a positive and constructive manner

Member Resources

  • As an IABM Member you will receive an annual certificate which confirms your membership of this scheme
  • You are also able to request digital files of IABM Member Logos to use on your own literature and website
  • At exhibitions around the world, we provide you with a self-adhesive logo to display on your booth for prospective customers to see that you are part of IABM