Journal 125 - IABM Industry Magazine

Journal 125 - IABM Industry Magazine

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Journal 125

Wed 05, 07 2023

Journal 125

Published Q2 2023

Journal is the IABM Magazine released every quarter that covers hot topics within the industry. It is distributed widely throughout the industry.

Table of Contents

Perifery – bringing AI innovation to the edge

Witbe – why smart TV apps need automated testing and monitoring

Take 1 – Dubbing Hell’s Kitchen for a FAST channel: an innovative approach to localization

Mediaproxy – Broadcasting Forever

Interra - Explosion of FAST Requires Three-Pronged Approach to Monitoring Ad Insertion

Farmerswife - How to Create a Remote Work Schedule: Why You Really Need One

Codemill – moving towards a connected media model

TMT Insights - Flipping the Script: Media and Entertainment Companies Re-evaluate to Achieve Business Resilience

LTN – creating a roadmap to success in the digital media era

Iyuno – business resilience in media localization

Edgio - How the buy vs build challenge can be leveraged for success in today’s market

DW Innovation - Exploring Transparent Robustness for AI Powered Media Tools

CGI - The crucial role of Business Agility in driving sustainable transformation

Agama - How video service providers can drive sustainability with video analytics tools

Accedo - Assessing the Impact of OTT UI/UX Strategy on Energy Consumption

Net Insight - Taking control of IP: Putting security back at the heart of media

Simplestream – why a flexible CMS is integral to business success

VisualOn – how to produce high-quality video remotely

Red Hat – empowering media companies with interoperable, containerized platforms

RIST Forum – IP standardization and real-world restrictions

Regulations – what’s all the PFAS about?

Standards – what’s happening with technology standards?

Doing business in APAC

Accedo BaM Award – Consume

Aximmetry BaM Award – Create

Marquis BaM Award – Project, Collaboration or Event

qibb BaM Award – Manage

swXtch BaM Award – Connect

Touchstream BaM Award – Support

Varnish Software BaM Award – Publish

Veritone BaM Award – Monetize

Vizrt BaM Award – Produce

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