Journal 127 - IABM Industry Magazine

Journal 127 - IABM Industry Magazine

Journal 127

Tue 05, 12 2023

Journal 127

Published Q4 2023

Journal is the IABM Magazine released every quarter that covers hot topics within the industry. It is distributed widely throughout the industry.

Table of Contents

Agama - How Telenor Sweden Achieves Success Through Resource Efficiency and Cost Reduction with the Agama Frontline Application

Amagi - Top 3 Fast Monetization Strategies to Drive Revenue

Ateliere - Using Custom Scripts for Media Workflows – You Need to Think Again

Mainstreaming - 2023 IBC BAM Award WinnePublish 

Nanocosmos 2023 - IBC BAM Award Winner Project Collaboration, Event, or Other Innovation

NEP Group 5G Mt. UHD Minitx - BAM Award Winner Connect

Newsbridge MXT-1 - BAM Award Winner Manage

Studio Network Solutions EVO Cloud - BAM Award Winner Store

TAG Content Matching Technology - BAM Award Winner Support

Teravolt TVXray - BAM Award Winner Consume

Chyron - The Streaming Shake-Up: What's Next for Media Companies and Tech Vendors?

Edgio - Driving Media Experimentation with Flexible Streaming Technology

Genelec - Sustainability: We're All in This Together

Limecraft - AI Subtitling at SVT in Sweden

LTN - Harnessing IP Technology to Drive Greater Monetization Potential

MainConcept - Can Ad-Funded Services Reinstate the Golden Age of Streaming?

Matrix Solutions - The Future of Advertising Sales: Adapting to Change and Building Success

MediaKind - Is the Cloud a No-Brainer for Broadcasters Today? It's Not as Simple as That

MistV - The Latest Developments in Managing Rights and Royalties

Monterosa - How Apps and Merch Became One in Reality TV

Newsbridge - Best Practices for Evaluating the Carbon Emissions of Cloud-Based Media Workflows

Norigin Media - Sourcing In or Out?

Viaccess-Orca - Mastering TV Monetization with AI-Driven Solutions

Zixi - Factors Contributing to the TCO of Streaming at Scale

Net Insight – Boosting monetization with media-centric video delivery networks

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