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Our industry is evolving. Play your part. Be part of the change and help shift the perspective from challenge to opportunity. Get on top of latest trends, make influential connections and tap into expert support to view and navigate the new landscape in a way that helps you promote and expand your business.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Play it Smart, Get Ahead. Find out what’s changing and what it means for you. Take advantage of powerful business intelligence and leading insights on latest trends to develop and align with new opportunities across the world of MediaTech.

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Play Stronger. Get Connected. Discover who’s leading the way. Meet new people and make influential industry connections as you grow your network, seek out and maximise new opportunities.

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Play to Win. Get an Edge. Understand what you can do to adapt, survive and thrive. Get expert support to help you identify and unlock growth opportunities in adjacent markets.

We are the International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry

As the authoritative voice for the Broadcast & Media industry, IABM facilitates the all-important networking and interaction that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the Broadcast and Media technology industry. We ensure that our members are kept informed, by providing an infrastructure of services and facilities to encourage discussion and collaboration across the whole BaM supply chain.

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Our mission


To unlock opportunities for

MediaTech companies worldwide.





New Releases

IABM BaM Content Chain® from Creator to Consumer

IABM’s industry model – The BaM Content Chain® is designed to model the new structure of the broadcast and media industry and provide a flexible, extensible model to accommodate the fast-changing business environment. The BaM Content Chain® will thus prove invaluable to technology buyers, users and vendors alike to adopt the most creative and efficient operational processes and choose the best tools and technology.

The industry model is mirrored in the BaM™ Shop Window – the industry’s most comprehensive one-stop shop for technology buyers – searched 10,000+ times a month by customers looking for solutions.

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IABM Membership Applications

The following companies have applied for membership of IABM and has been assessed against the relevant membership criteria. If anyone is aware of information that would affect the membership recommendation below please email membership@theiabm.org

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