Standards Monitoring Group

Standards Monitoring Group

Standards Monitoring Group

An open group for any IABM member interested in technology standards
Helps shape and influence important standards
Seeks members expert review of standards that are in development

Aim and Purpose

IABM has, for many years, provided summary reports on the standards bodies that it attends and monitors – that won’t change. We will also continue to shape and influence standards that we believe are important to our members.

But it is important for us to engage with technology experts in our member companies and to seek their expert review of standards that are in development so that they can help us guide the development in ways that are in the best interests of our industry, whilst having the minimum impact on members’ time. This also helps members avoid nasty shocks with new standards or revisions to old standards that affect their product range.

For this reason we have formed the Standards Monitoring Group. The group is open to any IABM members with an interest in technology standards. SMG members have access to standards documents that are under development, and for that reason we have to get members to sign up to the confidentiality and participation conditions that the standards bodies impose upon us when we attend their meetings.

The SMG has its own email reflector for SMG discussions and its own set of website pages.


“I understand that I may be participating in issues relating to the on-going appraisal of technologies, and in decisions that are interim by nature and may undergo substantial revisions. I recognize that I am encouraged to discuss such issues privately with others considered to be knowledgeable in the field. However, since premature public disclosure may be a disservice to the industry I agree to refrain from either directly or indirectly making any public disclosure of the business transacted”.

If you would like to join the SMG, please fill out the form available here