Actus Digital On Demand Webinars

Actus Digital On Demand Webinars

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Support options to your end of life compliance and monitoring solution

ActusDigital offers special support plans for your end of life existing compliance solution. Furthermore, we offer a multiple phases program after the support period is over, until the full replacement of your system.

Compliance monitoring of the 21st Century

In the event we will showcase how to make sure your compliance solution will not reach end of life, how AI becomes a part of your compliance solution and how your compliance and monitoring solution do much more (content re -purposing for social media, AI options such as speech to text, automatic content detection, technical analysis, OTT monitoring, automatons and more.

Actus Digital special migration plans from end of life compliance solutions

ActusDigital offers different migrations plans and phases in order to migrate, cost effectively, from end of life or outdated compliance monitoring solutions. We can offer a multiple phases plan, to make the migration more cost effective.