Adoption Trends: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Updated September 2022

Wed 21, 09 2022

IABM Adoption Trends reports annually track the adoption of specific emerging technologies within the broadcast and media sector. The purpose of these reports is to enable member companies to better understand what is driving the adoption of emerging technologies within customer organizations. This will provide member companies more insight to better address the challenges lying ahead, from new product development to marketing strategy. These reports contain a discussion on the state of adoption of a specific emerging technology in broadcast and media, as well as an analysis of significant customer deployments.


  • AI/ML adoption is growing, reaching 32% in 2022. AI/ML adoption is enabled by the growing cloud adoption and accelerated by COVID-19.
  • Manage and Produce remain the main deployment areas for AI/ML technology in the M&E industry.
  • Most AI/ML use cases in content management systems are to automate routine tasks such as metadata tagging, image recognition, audio/video recognition, and speech-to-text.
  • Data availability is growing, and the cost of data training is declining with wider technology deployment, resulting in more predictable ROI.
  • Media businesses prefer internal deployment of AI/ML technology, which requires recruiting talent with specific skills, making talent scarcity one of the main challenges for AI/ML adoption.

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