Amino Solution Brief: Operator Ready RDK-V

Amino Solution Brief: Operator Ready RDK-V

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Amino Solution Brief: Operator Ready RDK-V

Mon 06, 12 2021

TV has been at the heart of the consumer home for decades. Video continues to influence and reflect our social behavior and interests. However, the TV industry is undergoing a dramatic change. TV is no longer limited to consumption on the TV itself - nor is it only available on a linear schedule enabled by Pay TV operators.

Consumers are enjoying access to episodic and feature length video via they plethora of streaming services.

This represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Pay TV providers. The challenge is to give consumers access to the content they want, regardless of the source. The opportunity is to make it easy for consumers to discover and watch the content without struggling with cables, dongles or TV inputs.

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