Ateme: BaM Shortlist – Publish

Ateme: BaM Shortlist – Publish

IABM Journal

Ateme: BaM Shortlist – Publish

Journal Article by Ateme

Tue 20, 12 2022

Ateme’s 5G streaming solution can take the video experience to a new level, by leveraging the high bandwidth, low latency, Mobile-access Edge Computing and programmability of the 5G network.

Its super-high efficiency, coupled with the increased bandwidth and Mobile-access Edge Computing architecture of 5G, makes it possible to offer UHD-quality experiences at extremely low latency, with reduced cost and carbon footprint, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

For example, sports fans in stadiums can view the same game live from multiple angles – which is especially useful in the case of car races, where what is happening elsewhere on the track might not be visible to certain viewers – or re-watch the most important actions on near-live channels.

Sport lovers, news addicts, and TV show song contest enthusiasts can enjoy unique video experiences in flawless UHD quality, whether live or on-demand from home, from their car passenger seats, or from public transportation, thanks to Ateme’s 5G streaming solution.

"With Ateme’s 5G streaming solution, network operators’ CDN and content providers’ headends and CDN can interoperate seamlessly and in an optimized manner to create immersive experiences and attract the highly connected younger generations (millennials and generation Z) with video services and experiences that will increase viewers’ engagement and loyalty, translating into revenue growth.

Unlocking the potential of 5G for high-quality, low-latency streaming to any device, Ateme’s powerful streaming solution has already been proven in major live sports and entertainment projects in Europe, as well as by the UK government-backed 5G Vista consortium for an in-stadium project.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) have already invested heavily to build their 5G network and are looking for ways to monetize it. Ateme’s 5G Streaming Solution uniquely enables them to leverage the investment they have already made and stand out in a crowded market with unique and engaging experiences.

Ateme’s 5G technology is the only solution extending the Quality of Service policy from the 5G network slice associated with the video flow to the entire streaming video delivery chain: starting at the headend and through the origin/packager and CDN. Ateme’s 5G solution supports audience-aware encoding, CDN elasticity, and Multicast/Broadcast – all driven by 5G and CDN analytics, effectively adapting the video services to the best quality with the lowest resource footprint.

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