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eGuide - The Broadcasters’ Ultimate Guide to AI-Assisted Production

Future-proof your post-production workflow to accelerate turnaround times and deliver higher volumes of quality content while tapping into newer revenue opportunities.

As consumers’ tastes turn toward digital-first content for entertainment and information, opportunities and threats are arising for traditional media organizations. While platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are creating new distribution avenues for traditional media houses, they also are forcing legacy media content to undergo significant transformation. The technologies and capabilities required to adapt to this new reality need to be more diverse and agile than ever before.

This guide from AthenasOwl describes how broadcasters and media businesses can leverage AI to improve core stages in their post-production workflow, giving some examples of companies around the globe that have adopted AI to enhance the content operations by up to 5X.

Download this eGuide to learn how AI-enabled smart systems can help:

  • Unlock new content monetization opportunities through a variety of platforms and formats
  • Free up valuable team bandwidth for more strategic & creative tasks by automating repetitive and manual tasks
  • Accelerate turnarounds to increase speed to market for your content
  • Create personalized user experiences
  • and more!

About AthenasOwl

AthenasOwl is a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions that revolutionizes the way video content is created, managed and distributed. Our deep understanding of the media industry and an approach that combines AI with cloud enables customers to overcome their most complex business challenges and create transformational results.