ATTO: BaM Shortlist – Store

ATTO: BaM Shortlist – Store

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ATTO: BaM Shortlist – Store

Journal Article by ATTO

Tue 20, 12 2022

ATTO ExpressNVM™ NVMe switched host adapters offer the scalability, flexibility and management capabilities that broadcast and post production enterprises need to create next-generation NVMe storage.

The emergence of NVMe technology has opened up new opportunities for low latency, high-performance storage connectivity for data-hungry applications. NVMe drives outperform traditional HDD and SSD storage in almost every way. However, NVMe storage is often difficult to aggregate into larger pools, and management capabilities are significantly less than that of traditional SAS and Ethernet technology.

ATTO ExpressNVM host bus adapters offer a unique solution to create shareable NVMe storage pools with unparalleled performance—all while delivering enterprise-level management and configuration capabilities. Using ExpressNVM HBAs, integrators are able to create scalable high-capacity, dense storage that can be shared and managed across distributed storage networks.

ATTO ExpressNVM HBAs provide connections for up to sixteen NVMe drives in a single PCIe Gen4 slot. These groups scale linearly and form the building blocks for high-capacity, low-latency storage arrays, particularly when used in conjunction with software NVMe RAID packages.

ATTO ExpressNVM host bus controllers solve all of the key integration challenges for NVMe storage – scalability, flexibility and management. Achieving more capacity and more performance is as simple as adding more ExpressNVM adapter storage groups. And because this solution is switch-based, the HBA provides drive isolation, preventing misbehaving drives from impacting performance and potentially pulling down other devices on the PCIe bus, or even the entire server.

Perhaps most impressively, ExpressNVM HBAs provide a full-suite of out-of-band management tools that allows logging and data collection without impacting performance or latency. Accelerated by an onboard microprocessor, these HBAs offer full device control via high-performance SMBus connections. Base management features include device inventory, VPD, device configuration, monitoring, OS integration and firmware upgrades. Enhanced management includes device isolation and faulty device containment, health & reliability monitoring (i.e. thermals, capacity utilization, wear leveling, etc.), predictive failure analysis, extensive telemetry and logging, a gateway to other management protocols (i.e. Redfish, SNMP), as well as a platform for OEM-specific integration.

ATTO ( has been a trusted developer of storage connectivity solutions for more than 30 years. Our latest innovation, ExpressNVM HBAs, are currently shipping and ATTO offers a full complement of support services for integrators interested in incorporating this technology into their storage solutions.

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