Avrotros chooses Octopus X

Avrotros chooses Octopus X


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Avrotros chooses Octopus X

Case Study from OCTOPUS Newsroom

Thu 10, 02 2022

Octopus and Avrotros started their relationship several years ago when the Dutch broadcaster was searching for a new newsroom system for their news programs. At that time, the decision went in a different direction and Avrotros started to use an NRCS recommended by the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation (NOS). This solution, however, was not flexible enough to fit the purpose of all the teams at Avrotros and some programs had to continue searching for an alternative. The team at Radar explored various newsroom solutions on the market and found Octopus X to be the best fit for their demands.

Find out how Avrotros:

  • Carried out all stages of newsroom deployment remotely
  • Creates content using story-centric, topic-centric, or rundown-centric workflows
  • Publishes content to various social media and web channels
  • Carefully plans and researches content while fostering collaboration among team members

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