BaishanCloud Receives the Most Trusted Cloud Services Credit Rating for its CDN Services

BaishanCloud Receives the Most Trusted Cloud Services Credit Rating for its CDN Services


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BaishanCloud Receives the Most Trusted Cloud Services Credit Rating for its CDN Services

By Evelyne Kuo, Content Strategist, BaishanCloud

Thu 04, 02 2021

BaishanCloud (Baishan) recently received the Trusted Cloud Services (TRUCS) AAA credit rating for its CDN services. Baishan has been recognized as a trusted CDN provider by The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) for the 3rd consecutive year.

The TRUCS Certification is the most authoritative and sole recognized certification system for cloud services in China. Since introduced in 2013, TRUCS has expanded to cover the entire cloud industry and serves as a strong endorsement of standard compliance and quality. Based on examination of discreditable behavior records, self-regulation, and the credibility of service capabilities, TRUCS certifies CDN providers on a credit rating scale of five levels: AAA, AA, A, B, and C. The credit rating provides a trustworthy reference for companies looking to evaluate CDN service providers.

Leveraging its highly agile and loosely coupled architecture, Baishan offers transparent and bespoke CDN services for various scenarios such as webpage optimization, download acceleration, video-on-demand, live streaming, and application acceleration. Until now, Baishan has deployed over 400 points-of-presence (PoPs) in 250+ cities globally, responding to over 810 billion user requests daily with 15 million quests per second at peak. On key performance indicators such as response time and availability, Baishan’s CDN services exceed the industry average, providing a fast, reliable, and secure network experience for Internet users worldwide.

As the enterprise IT structure is transitioning to cloud-based infrastructure, Baishan’s CDN evolves into an intelligent edge-cloud network that integrates content distribution, edge-computing, and security defense capabilities. Under this megatrend, Baishan strategically invested in three major areas, including cloud distribution, cloud security, and data application integration. The services cover content delivery, dynamic acceleration, WAF, DDoS defense, zero-trust security, API management, and more.

Receiving the highest level of Trusted Cloud AAA credit rating is a recognition of Baishan’s service capabilities and quality and also encouragement for Baishan to further develop edge-cloud services based on its edge networks. Now serving over 1,000 corporate clients worldwide, Baishan is dedicated to developing large-scale distribution technologies, edge computing technologies, and high-speed network transmission technologies to meet the customers’ growing needs from a variety of industry verticals.

On top of the TRUCS award, in 2020 Baishan was selected for CB Insight’s China Cloud Edge Collaboration and was honored as a China Top 100 Internet Company 2020. “Baishan will continue to focus on innovating and upgrading edge-cloud capabilities. By creating a safe, reliable, and high-performance distribution platform, it will empower developers to innovate efficiently and help our customers develop strong capacity in the competitive digital era.” Said Tao Huo, Founder and CEO of Baishan.

About BaishanCloud:

Founded in April 2015, BaishanCloud (Baishan) is a leading global cloud data service provider specializing in data life cycle management. With a strong emphasis on data interactions and exchanges, Baishan’s cloud product suite is comprised of cloud delivery, cloud edge security, and cloud API management.

Baishan now has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seattle, and Shenzhen, as well as R&D centers in Xiamen and Guian.

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