BaishanCloud strengthened its CDN globally by upgrading its PoPs in Europe

BaishanCloud strengthened its CDN globally by upgrading its PoPs in Europe


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BaishanCloud strengthened its CDN globally by upgrading its PoPs in Europe

By Evelyne Kuo, Content Strategist, BaishanCloud

Wed 03, 03 2021

BaishanCloud added another terabit-per-second level protection against DDoS in its global CDN, providing more robust security support for clients’ international businesses.

Recently, BaishanCloud (Baishan) launched an upgrade for its Points of Presence (PoP) in Frankfurt, Germany. On top of Baishan’s current CDN network structure, the upgrade enables cloud security features, including global Anycast traffic cleaning service, Anti-DDoS protection, SCDN, WAF, Bot management, etc.

As Frankfurt is the core transportation hub in Europe and the world, the PoP in Frankfurt becomes a critical part of Baishan’s global edge-cloud network to gather global abundant network backbone resources. The upgrade of the PoP’s security capabilities helps optimize the protection in Europe and even in the world.

Based on the client needs, Baishan focuses on three primary areas — infrastructure, security, and developer support. Relying on the global edge cloud platform, Baishan constantly strengthens the core product functions of CDN, SD-WAN, DDoS, WAF, iPaaS, Serverless, etc. Baishan continues to upgrade technologies and solutions, enhance global resource service capabilities, and provide high-quality edge-cloud services to many large enterprise clients worldwide.

Take Frankfurt as an example, through global Anycast near-origin data cleansing, Baishan’s PoPs achieved robust defense against UDP and DDoS attacks. With 99.99% availability worldwide, Baishan’s CDN further reduces the impact of network issues to end-users, which ensures stable and high-quality performance for clients.

Consistently expanding coverage and depth of global cloud distribution resources are the fundamental key for CDN service to help clients develop businesses worldwide. Baishan has a globally distributed edge network covering 250+ cities in 6 continents with direct connectivity with over 100 ISPs worldwide to provide stable performance and service quality in the global market. From anywhere in the world, users can enjoy the cloud services offered by Baishan at the closest PoP and experience the quality improvement of performance, safety, and innovation efficiency. Baishan will continue to upgrade product technologies and solutions while building more edge PoPs around the world to provide a better, more stable, and secure user experience.

BaishanCloud is a leading global data service provider specialized in cross-border content delivery and edge security in China and Asia. To get more articles on trendy topics related to cloud delivery, streaming best practices, edge security, cloud technology in China and Asia, please visit and subscribe to the BaishanCloud newsletter.

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