Discover the pinnacle of innovation at the BaM Awards® at the NAB Show! We're here to celebrate revolutionary products and services that not only push boundaries but also provide real-world business and creative benefits. If you've introduced a cutting-edge solution in the past 12 months, now is your chance to shine on a global stage!

"Any product that is recognized by the judging panel is not just an innovative solution, but is genuinely important to the market and sets the standard in its category."












The winners will be announced at NAB Show 2024, Las Vegas

You can watch a video guide on how to submit your entry here.

Platinum, GoldPlus, Gold, SilverPlus, Silver and Startup Members receive at least one complimentary annual award entry, valid for either the NAB Show in Las Vegas or IBC in Amsterdam.

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Deadline: Thursday 4 March 2024 at 11:59pm (PST)

The IABM BaM Awards® recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaMs are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, judged by 40 independent experts, are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding Broadcast and Media innovation.

The BaM Awards offer valuable industry recognition and exposure attracting new business opportunities. Being shortlisted or winning a BaM Award enhances your companies credibility and serves as and industry indorsement and seal of approval.

Showcase your Success: All shortlisted companies will receive compelling promotional assets, proudly highlighting their status as finalists.

Digital Spotlight: Gain widespread visibility as shortlisted companies will be extensively promoted across IABM's influential digital and social platforms.

Exclusive Interviews: Elevate your brand as final winners will be featured in captivating on-camera interviews at the renowned NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Coveted Recognition: Secure your spot among industry luminaries by receiving the prestigious 'Bammy' award for your category.

If you find yourself uncertain about the appropriate category for your entry, you can explore the ten available categories below. For further information and assistance, please see the FAQ section.


Create covers the process of original acquisition or creation of raw content – live (“real-time”) or recorded, in a studio or in the field and the technology that enables this process. While this naturally includes distinct products such as cameras and accessories, lighting and audio recorders, it also encompasses UGC and social media. Services such as OB/Remote trucks also come into the Create link. While these currently overlap into the Produce link, with the growing trend towards remote production using IP, OBs/Remotes will increasingly be fully described within Create.

Acquisition – cameras, camera accessories, audio acquisition, lighting, social/UGC


Produce encompasses the production process (real-time/live) and post-production (file-based) to create a finished piece of content. The enabling technology that supports Produce includes graphics, audio production, video production and services, production and post-production software – including film transfer, editing, audio post, finishing, VFX and graphics, and services.

Real-Time Production – RT prod graphics, audio production, video production, production services Manage Production – production software, post-production software Post-Production – film transfer, editing, audio post, finishing, VFX & graphics, post-production services


Manage defines the aggregation, preparation and management of completed content items ready for distribution. This includes content preparation and services, content and workflow management and orchestration, metadata, and operational analytics – everything from ingest and QC to transcoding; the process of readying content for delivery to the end-user customer.

Manage & Orchestrate – content & workflow management Prepare – content preparation, content services


Publish covers an ever-growing field as viewing and listening choices continue to expand. It is defined as the playout or publication of content ready for consumers, and its subsequent distribution to reach consumers. Enabling technology for Publish includes linear playout systems, linear playout services, non-linear publishing systems, non-linear publishing services, projectors, large LED screens, protection & encryption, linear distribution & encryption, Cable, IPTV, satellite, terrestrial distribution, and internet distribution.

Linear Playout – linear playout systems, linear playout services Non-Linear Publishing – non-linear publishing systems, non-linear publishing services Venue Exhibition – projectors, large LED screens Content Production – protection & encryption Linear Distribution – distribution & encryption, Cable, IPTV, satellite, terrestrial distribution Internet Distribution – internet distribution.


Managing business processes for content rights and royalties, scheduling linear and non-linear services, and selling and managing advertising.

Broadcast management systems including scheduling, traffic, and rights and royalties tools. Advertising, including addressable and programmatic. Data aggregation and analysis.


Connect defines the infrastructure, connectivity and bandwidth used to move content within and between facilities. This includes intra-facility connectivity, inter-facility connectivity, video interfacing & conversion, audio interfacing & conversion, and file & object delivery.

Provide Access and bandwidth connectivity Real-Time Transfer – intra-facility connectivity, inter-facility connectivity, video interfacing & conversion, audio interfacing & conversion File transfer – file & object delivery


Every process in the chain also needs access to storage, whether it’s raw content, work-in-progress, completed projects or archived content. This includes VTRs & DVRs, video servers, portable storage, on-premise storage, and cloud storage.

Real-Time Storage – VTR’s & DVR’s, video servers File & Object Storage – portable storage, on-premise storage, cloud storage


The Support link encompasses the supporting capabilities used across the content supply chain to monitor and secure content and run operations. This includes video and audio monitoring, system monitoring, test & measurement, communications, cyber-security and protection, on-premise compute, cloud compute, facility hardware, implementation services, and rental services.

Video monitors, intercom, compute power, cybersecurity, software development Monitor, Control Comms – video monitoring, audio monitor, system monitoring, test & measurement, communications Secure – access, protect Compute – on-premise compute, cloud compute Design Build Run – facility hardware, implementation services, rental services


The final link in the content chain – and the force that ultimately powers it – Consume defines all the touchpoints with the end-consumer of the content. Examples include a consumer-facing app that makes content recommendations and captures consumer data

User Experience – identity management, UI & UX, apps and platforms


Applicable for projects, events, team collaborative efforts, products, systems or services not covered by the above nine categories

What are the BAM AWARDS®?

The IABM BaM Awards® recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaMs are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, and are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding Broadcast and Media innovation.

You can watch a detailed overview on the BaM Awards® here.

How much does it cost to enter?

IABM Platinum members are entitled for five complimentary BaM Awards® entries each year; Gold members are entitled to two complimentary entries per year; and Silver & Start-Up Members are eligible for 1 complimentary entry per year. 

For any additional entries, IABM members will pay £195/€225/$250 (plus VAT where applicable) per entry.

Non IABM Member entry is charged £295/€335/$360 (plus VAT where applicable) per entry..

Who can enter/When does my product, service or solution need to be launched?

Submissions for the BaM Awards® are open to every company (whether an IABM member or not) that has launched a new product or service within the 12 months prior to the submission closing date.

What makes the IABM awards different?

The IABM BaM Awards® recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaM Awards® are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, and are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding MediaTech innovation.

How many categories can you enter?

There are ten categories and you must choose one category from the list at the start of your entry.

You are eligible to enter more than one category with multiple entries, as long as the work submitted meets the category criteria. The Awards Committee may move an entry from one category to another, if it considers this to be more appropriate than the original one chosen.

You may also enter your product/service/solution in more than one category as long as it meets the criteria for each category selected. We strongly recommend you adjust the submission to line of with the category. Entering the same product/service/solution twice in different categories is considered as two entries and will billed as such.

How are the awards judged?

A panel of 40 independent expert judges carries out the judging. The various judges represent every aspect of the MediaTech eco system.

What are the judges looking for?

The judging can vary between categories, however the fundamental criteria are:

•  End user benefit and impact

•  New opportunities created

•  Relevance

•  Implementation

•  Innovation

•  Performance

•  Application quality

•  Value for money

•  Evidence of achievement

My entry is confidential, is that a problem?

No, if you don't want the product name to be announced then simply tick the "this product is embargoed" box during submission and we will only announce the company name if you are shortlisted. The Shortlisted product/service/solution will be announced at the awards presentation.

How can you maximize your chances of winning?

The entry form has been designed with our judges in mind; we have worked with them to ensure that the descriptions and details of your product are as easy as possible for them to judge. We would advise against using 'marketing speak' in your entry and avoid replicating a press release. Focus on the key USP's and put yourself in the shoes of the judges: what will they want to know to make a decision? Review the tips to give you the best chance of winning a BaM Award® - View online here.

When will the awards be announced?

The shortlist will be announced approximately 3 weeks prior to the NAB Show.

Can I enter the same product or service for a subsequent award session?

Yes, provided the new product or service launch date is within 12 months prior to the submission closing date.

Can I edit my entry?

Yes. You may return and edit your entry as many times as you like up until closing.

Can I add in video content to support my entry?

The entry form has a specific field for up to two links for video playout via another platform. Video content cannot be uploaded within the entry.

How will I know that my entry was submitted successfully?

Once you have confirmed your entry, we will send you a confirmation email.

Can I enter an uncompleted or projected product or service?

No. Products or services must be available for commercial use before the awards ceremony.

What do winners of the BaM Awards® receive?

Each winner will receive a trophy uniquely identified with the BaM category. Additional trophies cannot be purchased.

Will I need to pay anything if I win?

No, there are no hidden costs involved with BaM Awards®. We will not charge you for the trophy.

How will i find out if i have won?

We will be announcing the shortlist online. If you are shortlisted we will email the submitter’s email provided from the submission form requesting some additional marketing details to promote the shortlisted winners. We will present the BaM Award winners their trophies at NAB Show. Final winners will be photographed and have a follow-up social media video interview to maximize publicity opportunities.

Can my company sponsor an awards category?

Absolutely, please contact our team at to see how you can get involved.