Jon Barrie, Strategic Development Manager

Aidan Sarsfield, Head of Production Technology

Animal Logic Logo

Guy Griffiths, VP, Media & Entertainment

Gerard Phillips, System Engineer

Steven Cheak, Director of Brand, Creative & Digital

Greg Chin, Audio Product Evangelist

Shane Warden, CTO

Steve Sandford, Product Manager


Alex Timbs, Senior Business Development Director

Gordon Castle, SVP Technology

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Scott Heitman, Director of Operations

Bio available soon...

Mark Schubin, Engineer/Futurist

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Leigh Whitcomb, Principal Architect

Matt Brindley, Head of Output

Martti Kinkar, Head of Innovation & Development

Bio available soon...

Stuart Almond, Director of Industry Strategy Media & Communications

Leon Silverman, Advisor, 2030 Vision

Andrew Jordan, CTO

Simon Moorhead, Managing Director

Bio available soon...

Ernie Megazzini, ​VP Strategy, Advisory & Solutions Architecture DX for Industry

Taylor Newill, Director of High Performance Computing

Tarmo Hõbe, Commercial Director

Bio available soon...

Hannah Patel, Director

Jonathan Williams, Chief Operating Officer

Rose Adkins Hulse, CEO

Del Parks, EVP/CTO | Engineering & Operations

Mike Ward, Head of Marketing

Ben Wickham, Head of Studio Output

Jo Finon, Manager of Responsible Production

Arild Rugsveen, Project Manager

Dan Muchmore, Director

Bio available soon...

Ben Davenport, Head of Portfolio & Marketing Strategy

Kenneth Cuomo, Product Manager

Lisa Pedrogo, VP Engineering & Strategic Initiatives

Jakob Hummes, VP Worldwide Channel Sales

Simon Roe, Managing Director