Joshua Berger, SVP, AMC Networks Media Operations

Amy Delouise, Founder

Agnis Jakuboviks, Board Member

Will Haynes, Portfolio Manager

Aliki Rodgers, Senior Production Engineer

Arsenal FC

Bio available soon...

Kathey Battrick, Senior Manager – Library & Media Management

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Sandy MacIntyre, VP News

Matt Herson, Specialist Solutions Architect

AWS logo

Axel Reichwein, CTO

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Israel Esteban Marti, CTO

Bio available soon...

Joshua Shulman, Digital Marketing Manager

Adrian Lambert, CEO

Oliver Parker, CCO

Daniel Rumens, Digital Content Manager

Thomas Burns, CTO

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Simon Haywood, CTO

Bio available soon...

Silver Soomre, Head of TV Services

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Cristiano Benzi, Global SVP for Professional Video

Llewellyn John, Partner

Matt Duhig, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Ian Redgewell, Head of Media Management and Global Products

Carlos Octavio, Head of Architecture & Analytics

TV Globo logo

Gareth Capon, CEO

Andrew Patterson, SVP Partnerships & Strategy

Darby Marriott, Product Manager - Graphics, Editing and Newsroom solutions

Paola Hobson, Managing Director

Joss Armitage, PR Strategist

Jade Kurian, President and Co-founder

Paul Adrian, CEO and Co-founder

Kalle Aleksius, Media Services Manager

Bio available soon...

Maarten Verwaest, CEO

Marina Kalkanis, CEO

Neil MacTaggart, Finance Director

Tony Jones, Principal Technologist

Erik Ramberg, VP, Head of Global Business Development

Murray Barker, Head of Portfolio Marketing

Rob Tucker, CPO

Meta Logo

Karl Kathuria, Customer Solutions Director

Philippe Petitpont, CEO

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Rachel Cooper, Marcom Manager

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James Fraser, Regional Sales Manager (UK & Nordics)

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Andy Miller, Director of Local Content Midwest

Aditi Pandey, Head of strategic vendor and partnerships management

Geir Bordalen, Head of technology portfolio

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Jonathan Morgan, Managing Director

Bio available soon...

Jorge de la Nuez, Head of Technology

Bio available soon...

Olivier Jorda, Global Senior Director in Media & Entertainment

Ben Cheung, VP

Bio available soon...

Sally Hubbard, Founder

Margaret Craig, CEO

Pierre Mestrez, VP Pre-Sales & Channel Partners

Mike Ward, Head of Marketing

Ben Vanderberghe, CEO

Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast

Annika Bidner, Product Owner

SVT Play

Adde Granberg, CTO

SVT Play

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Julian Fernandez Campon, CTO

Martin Paskin, President

Peter Zanchetta, CTO

Martin Green, Executive Director

Brad Winett, President

James Crossland, Head of Global Content Operations

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Matt Loreille, CMO