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Dimetis BOSS BROADCAST Manager is an easy-to-use, comprehensive management software platform for monitoring, configuration, and control of streaming facilities, multiplex centers, IPTV, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and Advanced Television Systems (ATSC/HDTV). BOSS BROADCAST Manager is capable of monitoring a large number of devices independently of manufacturer and technology, while hiding the complexity from the user. Processes and workflows in broadcast distribution environments can now be effortlessly streamlined. All distribution workflows such as event, regionalization switching, backup switching, statistical multiplexing and service-based scrambling can be monitored and managed from a single system.

Inventory / Configuration Management BOSS BROADCAST Manager inventory maintains real-time information of an entire broadcast network facility. It manages both physical (i.e. MUX) and logical (i.e. VLAN) assets of a broadcast network. The configuration management allows users an easy and flexible configuration of all components, metadata, and signals in the network.

Activation Engine The activation engine is a unique abstraction layer that takes the configuration sequence from inventory and communicates with devices or respective EMS using different protocols such as CORBA, XML, SNMP, Telnet, etc. The activation can be triggered by the event manager, or in case of a hardware-fault, it can be executed from the error correlation engine.

Fault Management – 100% Uptime The fault management feature allows for alarms to be grouped based on their origin/OID in “domains”. Domains allow for a sophisticated analysis of incidents in a large networks with thousands of traps. The Error Correlation Engine is capable of initiating a redundancy switching process in case of failure. This automation is based on Dimetis’ sophisticated algorithms that guarantee a services uptimes of up to 100%.

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