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Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) services

Data has never been more valuable to businesses – or to cybercriminals. And it’s more vulnerable to attack than it’s ever been. Cyber attacks are increasing in sophistication and threat vectors are multiplying, with each new connected device presenting a fresh entry point for cybercriminals.

The media industry – in which content is currency – makes a particularly attractive target for hackers. Especially since media companies are increasingly obliged to distribute their content digitally through multi-segmented supply-chains in which each and every link is vulnerable.

Unsurprisingly, media companies are now under constant threat from cybercrime, content piracy and financially damaging leaks. Data protection is a priority, and the industry is subject to intense scrutiny from regulators.

To deal with these threats and pressures, and to secure your data and infrastructure, you need comprehensive visibility of your security. For this, your entire cyber security estate – encompassing every part of the value chain – must be constantly monitored by experts who are informed about the latest trends and technologies in this constantly changing field.


Our CSOC team provides the insights and experience you need to mitigate a range of cyber threats, maintain your compliance requirements, and enable your organisation to strengthen its security posture. They will perform an in-depth analysis of your network, assets and security policies in order to help you identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and threats, and ultimately simplify the management of your cyber security strategy.

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