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Dejero EnGo

Dejero has introduced their most powerful version of the EnGo mobile transmitter yet, designed to give a picture quality advantage to broadcasters, especially when capturing high-motion news and sports content.

As the broadcast industry shifts towards HEVC video compression standard to efficiently transport high-quality video from the field, the latest Dejero EnGo is equipped with increased processing power to boost overall performance and deliver enhanced picture quality to those shooting fast-paced high-motion video in the field.

Broadcasters will benefit from the increased processing power of the EnGo, as well as the enhanced implementation of the HEVC compression standard within the transmitter. Combined with Dejero’s industry leading auto-transport and adaptive bitrate encoding technology, this results in higher picture quality across a broader range of bitrates.

The additional processing power has paved the way for a new dynamic content adaptation feature that intelligently adjusts the encoding process based on the content complexity—the amount of motion detected within content that is being captured. This allows broadcasters to automatically and seamlessly transition from a talking-head shot with limited motion to high-motion content without any softening of the picture or introduction of compression artifacts.

The new and improved Dejero EnGo can encode up to 20 Mb/s and now supports 1080p 50/60 for shots requiring the highest picture quality – features ideal for broadcasters covering sports and other high-motion events.

Reliable and simple to use, EnGo is designed for mobile video contribution professionals who require agility and versatility. The EnGo is a compact mobile transmitter that encodes high-quality video and transmits over multiple IP networks to reliably deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency—even in challenging network conditions. It can be mounted on a camera or in a vehicle and worn in a backpack.

Combining Dejero’s industry-leading auto-transport and adaptive bitrate encoding technology with the newest compression standard, Dejero continues to boost video quality in the industry’s most versatile and robust mobile transmitter.

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