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latakoo system

latakoo is a cloud-based platform that is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to get video from anywhere to anywhere, regardless of connectivity or file size. Broadcasters, post-production companies and global industry leaders use latakoo to move files fast.

latakoo goes beyond fast file transfer, providing a flexible system that moves video quickly and securely wherever it is needed, with customizable metadata and transcription options.

Using the latakoo Flight mobile or desktop application, broadcasters and post-production companies can select video from editing programs, professional cameras, or phones and send files from anywhere in the world wherever they need to go. Files arrive in the latakoo cloud, for viewing, sharing, and transcription. Depending on the workflow selected, files may be automatically downloaded to the broadcast center, to content management systems, or social media platforms.

latakoo securely complies with corporate firewall and security standards and integrates seamlessly with asset managers such as Avid, Dalet, Grass Valley and bitcentral systems.

Customizable metadata collection and transcription are part of the integrated solution. This means any metadata associated with the file travels with it – to the cloud for sharing and ingested into the asset manager.

Through its flexible and easy-to-use system, latakoo can be configured to meet your unique video workflow. latakoo delivers video wherever it’s needed with seamless integrations to CMS providers, social media platforms and more.

Closed captioning can be implemented for both broadcast and social media workflows.

latakoo is now launching Manifest, which will track an assignments from concept to delivery, with notifications when files are ready to share or send to playout.

latakoo is packed with the most sophisticated technology and supported 24/7 by people who live and breathe on your broadcast deadlines, just like you. latakoo is Avid Platform Certified and an Avid Alliance Partner.

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