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Layer 2 VPLS service with support for Multicasting

At Exponential-e, we believe that your Cloud is only as good as your Network. That’s why we’ve invested over £100 million into building a superfast Layer 2 VPLS Network that offers uncontended, consumer-free Business Internet for our customers.

Nowadays, broadcasters are necessarily data-intensive businesses – and data-intensive businesses are who our Network is optimised for. With 100Gig Ethernet speed and high-tech tools to eliminate latency and jitter and maximise bandwidth throughput, our Network offers the underlying infrastructure you need to stream reliably, at the high-speed and in the high quality consumers now demand.

We’ve built up our Network with a robust MPLS underpinning over many years. That’s how we are able to offer what our competitors can’t – a homogenous Network that allows our customers to converge multiple services over a single connection.

Because we own our Network, we can offer a single end-to-end SLA, which starts at the customer premises all the way through to the hosted services. This means a single, reliable quality of service, and – without the competing demands of multiple SLAs – an even lower rate of latency for your broadcasts.

In an era of leaks and piracy, your data is safe on our Network, where it sits at all stages on the clean side of the firewall, monitored by our dedicated Cyber Security Operations Centre. And should any issues – security-related or otherwise – arise with your service, our helpdesk of specialist experts is on standby round-the-clock to resolve them. We care about our customers – and have the industry-leading live NPS score to prove it.


Get connected with Exponential-e for real peace of mind as a service.

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