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Ncam Reality

Ncam consists of a multi-sensor camera bar and a tethered server system. The camera bar attaches to any type of camera quickly and simply, whether handheld, Steadicam, dolly or crane mounted. It takes minimal alignment time, and is scalable to work simultaneously over multiple cameras. Ncam doesn’t require any special fiducials or tracking markers as it automatically tracks the environment. Importantly, this means there are no modifications required to the set or location to allow Ncam to work. The automatic “take” system captures the camera position, rotation, metadata and timecode into an industry standard file whenever the camera is recording. The system is highly mobile and relocates rapidly – both indoors and outdoors – allowing it to track instantly on each new set-up. Ncam integrates easily into existing workflows without interruption, providing high quality visualisation and decision support without delaying the shoot.