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Private Cloud (VDC) and Disaster Recovery

For today’s ‘always-on’, data-driven businesses, business continuity is inextricably linked to data recovery. Data loss and downtime exact a high financial and reputational cost, and can be caused by various factors, including software problems and cybersecurity issues.

For media companies, these risks are growing, as data centres increasingly become software-defined; compounding things, the increasing complexity of media networks fuels the multiplication of potential points of failure. The fact is, it’s not a case of ‘if’ you’ll experience data loss or downtime – it’s a case of ‘when’.

Maintaining digital broadcast signal and protecting valuable content is vital; as such, media businesses need to make Disaster Recovery (DR) a strategic priority. With our DR solution, delivered in partnership with industry leaders Zerto, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure will be up-and-running, and your content protected, no matter what happens.

Our leading IT resilience solution uses the latest, hardware and storage agnostic, server replication technology to protect your business-critical Tier 1 applications. Built on a foundation of continuous data protection, it allows you to rewind and recover from any attacks, with one-click failover and failback enabling recovery in a matter of seconds.


This replication service is designed to run across our privately owned Layer 2 Network, ensuring optimum service levels and minimal disruption to your end users. Sitting on our private Cloud, your recovery data will never leave the clean side of the firewall, remaining protected at all times from malware and other assorted threats.

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