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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware – the encrypting of a business’s critical data by hackers who demand payment to release said data – is on the rise. Broadcasters are particularly at risk of being targeted, since hackers know they are likely to prefer paying a ransom rather than risk extended downtime; after all, going ‘off air’ for even a short amount of time can cause severe financial and reputational damage.

Unfortunately, traditional anti-virus software is not able to detect or defend against increasingly advanced and dynamic ransomware attacks. Organisations can deploy additional security controls at endpoints, but running multiple endpoint security agents impacts system performance, operational cost and complexity.

To enable the necessary multi-layered approach to ransomware without breaking the bank or slowing your systems down, you need Exponential-e’s corporate endpoint security technology platform. It’s Cloud-based, lightweight, and autonomous – and provides the lowest TCO on the market. It’s also the only platform on the market that defends every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle.

Using breakthrough technology in signature-less detection, based on machine learning, our integrated platform closely monitors all online and offline system activities to identify malicious behaviour, including known and unknown malware, and mitigate threats from any vector in real time. Decisive incident response – including robust containment, full remediation and rollback – is delivered at all user endpoints and data centre servers.


Our platform is as simple to manage as it is easy to deploy, with a fully automated, policy-driven response providing zero-touch mitigation, and stopping targeted attacks before they even begin.

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