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Subtitle Conformance

AthenasOwl Smart Workflows is an AI powered solution that enables post production teams to align the subtitles in different languages to the corresponding scenes to automatically generate a conformed asset complying with standard Netflix/OTT rules.


Shot Transition Detection - Automated detection of transitions between shots in digital video for temporal segmentation of videos.

Subtitle-to-Audio Synchronization - Ensures the relative timing of subtitles and audio parts during post-production in an automated fashion.

Timed Text Conformity - Tailor-made processes to conform subtitles to the said rules of any OTT platforms in an automated fashion.


  • Ready-to-onboard repository of accurately conformed master video feeds, audio feeds and subtitles for OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix, enabling accelerated content distribution.

  • Faster content localization required for international distribution.

  • Reduction in costs and effort involved in manual quality control and editing processes.