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TICO IP cores

TICO is a disruptive, innovative, visually lossless, light-weight and line-based compression technology, specifically designed to be used instead of uncompressed video in many applications.

TICO is a smart upgrade path to manage higher resolutions (4K, 8K, …) and frame rates while assuring visual quality, keeping power and bandwidth at a reasonable budget and significantly reducing the complexity and cost of a system, a chip or an infrastructure.



From 3G-SDI to IP in 4K

The mapping of the TICO mezzanine compression to carry UHDTV 4K 60P over a single 3G-SDI cable has been specified in the SMPTE RDD35. intoPIX provides the needed building blocks to create a 4K over 3G-SDI solutions. Have a look at the intoPIX TICO IP-cores and peripheral IP to map the compression over SDI.


4K with TICO compression over SMPTE2022-6

As SMPTE ST2022-6, defines the transport of HD-SDI or 3G-SDI over IP, using TICO, it is easy to leverage an existing SMPTE 2022-6 system to carry up to three UHDTV 4K 60P streams over a single 10 GbE port using the SMPTE 2022-6 standard.


SMPTE 2110 and TICO compression

SMPTE RDD35 specifies the RTP payload of TICO compression, enabling you to transport any video formats over IP with full flexibility and all the benefits of TICO compression.


8K over a single 10GbE

It has already been proven. TICO can enable you to carry with lossless quality a 8K 60fps video stream over a single 10GbE link using TICO RTP payload and a SMPTE 2110 transport.


8K over a single 12G-SDI

It has already been proven. TICO can enable you to carry a 8K 60fps video stream over a single 12G-SDI link with lossless quality.

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