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X14 is an advanced universal video processor, bringing RGBlink X Series to a new level of seamlessly signal scaling and switching. Inputs are modular with a wide range of signal options, supporting up to massive 52 inputs and 40 outputs.

Multiple operation modes are offered, including presentation switching mode, video wall moe and routing mode.

Windowing and layering capabilities are enhanced with 80 mega pixel output capacity, where outputs can be arranged on a virtual canvas to split into a large display surface, performing features for multi-screen application environment.

Standard genlock Y In, X14 allows real-time synchronisation across any combinations of signals or sources.

Easy configuration and remote control from RGBlink XPOSE software platform over LAN or USB.

X14 also offers excellent image processing quality via RGBlink full 4:4:4 processing engine. Other onboard features includes 90deg increments, image flip, Chroma Key or DSK.

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