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RGBlink X7 is a comprehensive display system management solution with powerful features for different applications including presentation switching, video wall splicing, and multi-screen control environments.

Designed with RGBlink SmartSlot technology, X7 features card frame style offering a wide range of signal options with up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs. Signals supported include SDI, HDMI and DVI, as well as DisplayPort, VGA and USB.

X7 provides pixel-to-pixel scaling and switching, which any input can be scaled and transcoded into any output. Up to 64 mega pixels output capacity as well as 256 layers, multiple input signals can be layered on a virtual canvas or pixel space, X7 performs as an integrated display system by bringing multi-signal and multi-display applications together.

Onboard features includes Genlock Y In, X7 enables the capability to be simply connected to other devices for signals real-time synchronising.

In addition, X7 also offers easy operation with remote control and configuration via built-in RGBlink XPOSE system.

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