As the leading provider of media tech intelligence in Broadcast and Media, IABM's Business Intelligence Unit creates a wide range of reports for members, including: Media Tech Business Intelligence, Strategic Industry Analysis, Regional Trends Reports, Adoption Trends Reports, Sector Trends Reports, Structural Trends Reports as well as other special studies.

IABM can also produce bespoke reports. Pricing for these reports generally depends on exclusivity and requirements.

These studies generally rely on ad-hoc qualitative/quantitative research, including expert interviews and/or survey evidence, conducted by IABM. These studies may include one or more of the following:

  • Industry spotlight on a specific topic
  • Market segmentation analysis
  • Technology trends research

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Before carrying out a bespoke research project, IABM will discuss with the company commissioning the study its research requirements. These include things such as:

  • Main objectives of the study (the Why): what does the company want to get out of the project? What will be the main use cases for the data and information gathered as part of the project?

  • Research sources and methodology for the project (the How): what methodology is the best to reach the research objectives? Do we conduct interviews with media companies, a bespoke survey, or both?
  • Research deliverables (the What): these include various formats depending on the sources. If a survey is used in the project, IABM can even create a portal for you to explore/filter the data by yourself (i.e., self-service analytics model), along with a report and executive summary summarizing the results. We can also include the delivery of an event (internal or public) as part of your bespoke package as well.

  • Example: IABM Report in partnership with Axinom

    This report is based on a survey on content protection technology carried out by IABM in partnership with Axinom between July and September 2021. The survey targeted the niche audience of content protection technology experts at media businesses. Five interviews were conducted after the survey was closed to explore content protection trends further. The following pages focus on reporting the main results of the survey in a data-driven fashion, while the final section provides an overall analysis of content protection trends and investments backed by qualitative research.

    Example: IABM Report in partnership with Dell Technologies

    This report delves into one of the major long-term drivers of change in the media industry, identified by IABM in its Special Report published in September 2020: viewing technology only as an enabler. The research puts the spotlight on this specific structural driver of industry change, analyzing the ultimate business, technical and creative values that technology is enabling as well as one of the rising operating models behind them: the cloud model. Our main objective is decoding these topics to shed more light on the economics underpinning media factories.

    Lorenzo Zanni
    Head of Knowledge

    A graduate of Pisa, Durham and Swansea Universities, Lorenzo Zanni holds a BSc in Economics and Management and an MSc in Business Economics. He is currently studying for a further MSc in Data Analytics at the University of Glasgow to deepen his knowledge of data science and machine learning, in which Lorenzo has a particular interest.

    Lorenzo’s research is widely quoted in international industry publications and conferences, including SVG and IBC365. He has also presented at shows and conferences around the world, including IBC, NAB Show, Cabsat and InterBEE. Lorenzo has been a member of the IBC Content Steering Group, advising on the content for IBC’s conference programme, since 2018.

    Olga Nevinchana
    Senior Analyst

    Olga is a graduate of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the oldest university of Ukraine, and holds an MSc in Sociology. Passionate about the use of consumer and market data, Olga has held a number of analyst roles in research agencies, big FMCG companies and an e-mobility start-up in Ukraine, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

    Riikka Koponen
    Principal Analyst

    Riikka is a graduate of Helsinki School of Economics, Finland’s top business school. She also studied Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University in Shanghai, and is a fluent Finnish, English, French and Mandarin speaker. Since graduating, Riikka has held a number of market analyst roles, including Head of Research at a leading business advisory service in Shanghai, and most recently was Business Intelligence Manager at B Medical Systems in Luxembourg.

    Martin Redhead
    Senior Analyst

    Martin is a highly experienced market research analyst with wide and varied experience across a range of different industries, including internal and external consultancy roles where he has led market and customer research to drive product innovation and to help direct strategy.

    He has a passion for technology, is data driven, creative and rigorous in his analytical approach and holds an MSc in Operational Research and a BSc in Economics.

    Anaclaire Bernardes
    Senior Analyst

    With over a decade of experience in market intelligence, Ana-Claire have worked for a variety of research agencies, bringing consumer and lifestyle trends alive to help FMCG and tech companies to stay relevant and innovative in fast-moving industries. From an international background, Ana-Claire speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. She also holds a Master degree in Journalism from the Birkbeck University of London.

    The Why, How and What