This 2 day course will help everyone understand what a ‘workflow’ is in the context of broadcast and media operations, taking this forward to explore typical workflows from different types of operations and programme genres. If you want to avoid costly operational mistakes, need to understand what your customers are talking about or work with colleagues, suppliers, integrators and developers to build value and improve efficiency, this is the course for you.

Course Outline

You will examine and discuss the types of systems, standards, software and hardware used and the changing market from the ‘convergence’ of today to the challenges of tomorrow. The course highlights the issues of integration, automation and reliability, given the way that people really work in a file-based environment, and why companies now need different types of products and services for their audiences and customers.


This course is run on demand and can be delivered at a location to suit you. Due to the bespoke nature of both the delivery and the content of these courses, please click the button below to request further information and we will be able to put together a quote based on your needs.

Upcoming Dates

30 September/1 October 2024

Location: Online


Anyone in the media technology industry who needs to understand broadcast workflows, particularly those who are new to the industry such as apprentices and trainees Sales and marketing people, product managers, technical support staff, software developers, broadcast operational staff, business analysts and R&D engineers.


Module 1 – Introduction to workflows
Module 2 –
Introduction to converged technology
Module 3 –
Integration and workflow support
Module 4 –
Module 5 –
Media standards
Module 6 –
Asset management
Module 7 –
Planning and scheduling
Module 8 –
Module 9 –
Module 10 –
Post Production
Module 11 –
Module 12 –
Approaches to understanding requirements
Module 13 –
The future