The IABM Business Intelligence Quarterly Digest provides IABM members with a varied range of business information about the broadcast and media industry and the wider global economy in a ‘digestible’ way. The analysis contained in the report is undertaken by IABM’s Business Intelligence Unit.

The purpose of these reports is to enable member companies to keep up with the latest developments in our industry by presenting otherwise scattered information in an orderly and relevant manner.

Report Contents and Structure

The reports contain the latest news and research findings across a variety of topics, including:

  • Current Global Business Environment
  • The Media Business
  • Extensive Focus on a Regional Market

The Reports (available exclusively to IABM members)

December 2019

Regional Focus: Middle East & Africa (MEA)

September 2019

Regional Focus: Europe

June 2019

Regional Focus: Asia-Pacific (APAC)

March 2019

Regional Focus: North America & Latin America

December 2018

Regional Focus: Middle East & Africa (MEA)

September 2018

Regional Focus: Europe

June 2018

Regional Focus: Asia-Pacific

March 2018

Regional Focus: Americas

December 2017

Regional Focus: Middle East & North Africa

September 2017

Regional Focus: Europe

May 2017

Regional Focus: APAC

April 2017

Regional Focus: North America

Historical issues are available upon request. Please email to find out more.