Caringo Blog – Celebrating 3 Years of Object Storage Tech Tuesday Webinars

Caringo Blog – Celebrating 3 Years of Object Storage Tech Tuesday Webinars


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Celebrating 3 Years of Object Storage Tech Tuesday Webinars
Elasticsearch, metadata, migrating data from SAN/NAS/tape to Object Storage and hardware selection ranked tops with our Tech Tuesday audience.

Celebrating 3 years of Tech Tuesday

We are just one episode away from completing our third year of Tech Tuesday webinars. What started as an experiment of taking our audiences into the weeds of object storage technology quickly took root and became the cornerstone of our webinar programming.

Let’s take a look back on our most popular Tech Tuesday topics, and take a look ahead to our last Tech Tuesday of 2020.

Our 5 Most Popular Tech Tuesday Webinars in 2020

Over the past three years, the Tech Tuesday webinar series has produced some of the most informative content about object storage technology available. Here is a list of the 5 Tech Tuesday webinars that have had the most views in 2020:

Using Metadata with Object Storage

1. How Do I Use Metadata with Object-based Data Storage?

Our Tech Tuesday on metadata leads this year’s most popular webinars. And why not? Metadata is, after all, the key to unlocking the intelligence potential that resides in large data storage repositories. Featuring Ryan Meek, Caringo Principal Solution Architect, this webinar takes an in-depth look at metadata is followed by a cogent summary for your reference.

2. Migrating Data from SAN, NAS or Tape to Object Storage

Next, it seems the topic that drew the most interest was on how to migrate data from SAN, NAS or tape to object storage. John Bell, Sr. Consultant, and Eric Dey, Director of Product, teamed up on this webinar to share their experience from literally hundreds of successful object storage implementations. John and Eric explain the full data migration process and share best practices designed to enable you to move from a limited traditional storage approach to the cost-effective, limitless storage paradigm of object storage. A cogent summary follows the webinar.

Solving Exabyte-Scale Search (and Beyond!) with Object Storage & Elasticsearch

3. Solving Exabyte-Scale Search (and Beyond!)

In this webinar, John Bell and Caringo Engineer Jamshid Afshar take an in-depth look at best practices for using Elasticsearch, a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine, to enhance searchability with metadata. They explain how Elasticsearch enables you to search billions of files ad hoc with “Google-like” search capabilities in object storage and discuss what you can do without the rigid structure of relational databases and file systems.

4. What Hardware is Best for Object Storage?

Presented live in April of this year, I hosted John Bell, our subject-matter-expert for this topic. We discussed the best practices for hardware selection, how to size your object storage solution to match your specific requirements, and of course, our new Swarm Servers. A cogent summary is presented after this blog for your reference.

Using Elasticsearch with Object Storage

5. Using Elasticsearch with Object Storage

John Bell and Jamshid Afshar explain what Elasticsearch is and the benefit of using it with object storage. They also take an in-depth look at best practices for using Elasticsearch and demonstrate the use of Elasticsearch with Caringo Swarm.


What’s Next for Tech Tuesday?

We decided to conclude our third year of Tech Tuesday webinars with another session on one of our most popular topics to date: Elasticsearch. Once again, John Bell and Jamshid Afshar join forces to explore how Elasticsearch is used by object storage. Topics include:

  • The benefits of using Elasticsearch with object storage
  • Best practices for using Elasticsearch with object storage
  • How simple it is to upgrade from Elasticsearch 6 to Elasticsearch 7
  • How to deploy Elasticsearch on Kubernetes


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