Caringo Blog – Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 1

Caringo Blog – Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 1


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Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 1
Media entertainment broadcasting to Big Data and HPC, a lot of hot topics in this year's Brews and Bytes webcast on BrightTALK streaming

2020, 1 year of brews and bytes hot topics in tech, part 1

In January of this year, we kicked off a series of informal discussions we named Brews & Bytes (aka B&B). Little did we know at the time that 2020 would be a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic affected just about every industry, vertical and individual. In turn, it also affected some of the topics we chose and the direction of many conversations.

Each B&B episode clocks in at about 35 minutes, and Adrian “AJ” Herrera, Caringo VP of Marketing, is our host. We’ve had a wide range of guests from our partner companies as well as from Caringo.

Watch Today’s Broadcast


If you haven’t watched any of our Brews & Bytes series yet, I hope you will join us for episode 13 today at 11am PT/2pm ET. AJ will be joined by Eric Dey, Caringo Director of Product, Rich Gadomski, Fujifilm Head of Tape Evangelism, and Nami Matsumoto, Fujifilm Director of Data Management Solutions. They will discuss the future of data archive, including:

  • The functional role of the archive in today’s workflows
  • Leveraging tape, HDD and object storage to optimize accessibility and cost
  • Where archive technologies are headed, and a look at active archiving


Catch Up on a Year of Brews & Bytes

If you haven’t been watching, now is a great time to sit back with your favorite brews and take in an episode or two. Here’s a list divided by M&E/Broadcasting and Big Data/HPC.

Media, Entertainment & Broadcasting

Not surprisingly, our liveliest episodes were those with guests who supply technology and expertise in the media, entertainment and broadcasting fields.

Video production and broadcasting, what is here to stay?

Video Production & Broadcasting in Social-Distancing Era: What’s Here to Stay?

By April 2020, social distancing had already had a major impact across every aspect of Video Production and Broadcast. In episode 4, AJ and Ben Canter were joined by the illustrious and entertaining Nick Smith, VP of Technology for JB&A, a leading distributor in the US specializing in Video Production and Broadcast. The three of them discussed a variety of topics including how content creators, production houses and broadcasters were adapting to a remote working model and the role storage plays in both remote working and increased demand for streaming content.


Using an Active Archive for Creating Content during Covid

As organizations started to figure out how to work and continue to generate income in these unprecedented times, AJ and Ben teamed up with “media workflow badass” Liz Davis (aka, VP Media Workflow of Diversified—a leading technology integrator in digital media, collaboration, security and OTT solutions). In this 9th episode of the B&B series, we focused on how content production was changing and strategies for leveraging existing assets for reuse and repurposing.


The Evolution of Media Management

In this episode, AJ and Ryan Meek, Caringo Principal Solutions Architect, were joined by the naturally caffeinated and highly experienced Sam Bogoch, CEO of, a leading software platform for remote access and video search. In the webcast, they shared real-world examples of how capabilities for media management have evolved over the last decade, the role of artificial intelligence in media management, and how the sudden shift to remote workflows has impacted organizations.

Big Data & HPC

Not to be outdone by entertainment and broadcasting experts, our episodes around big data, large files and high-performance computing turned out to be just as energetic with guests passionate about helping organizations solve some of the most complex challenges in today’s world.

Object Storage, Tape Storage, File Storage. Which is the most economical data storage?

Economical Storage: Data Insight, Data Movement and Storage Options

In the second episode of Brews & Bytes, Tridib Chakravarty (aka TC), the CEO of StorageDNA, joined AJ and Ryan to discuss the challenges organizations face when trying to find economical storage, how to determine what data can be moved to different tiers of storage, and the pros and cons of different types of economical storage options.

Remote Workflows, Big Files & Big Storage…A Big Problem?

Robert Browne, Founder of Signiant (the maker of intelligent file movement software used by the world’s top content creators and distributors) joined Caringo’s TW Cook, VP of Engineering, and AJ in episode 5 to discuss the intricacies of transferring large files locally and globally, with a particular focus on files that surpass 100s of TBs or even PBs.

Solving the world's big problem with distributed collaboration and data

Distributed Collaborators & Data…Solving the World’s Big Problems

Research for some of the world’s most challenging problems—including fighting diseases, increasing food production, battling climate change, and advancing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning—is enabled by High-Performance Computing (HPC). Globus is a University of Chicago non-profit service dedicated to providing researchers, users and IT admins of computing facilities and labs with powerful tools that solve the problems of data-intensive research. So, who better to join AJ and Eric Dey, Caringo Director of Product, for a discussion on solving the world’s big problems than Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Globus Head of Product, and Vas Vasiliadis, Globus Chief Customer Officer?

The Rest of the Big Picture

Next week, we will continue coverage of the year of Brews & Bytes, presenting the episodes that were broader in scope and that addressed topics of interest to just about everyone who touches IT and storage.

If you have questions on any of these topics or you need help with your storage, just email us at We are happy to help!