Cartoni’s cutting-edge advancements in camera support solutions

Cartoni’s cutting-edge advancements in camera support solutions

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Cartoni’s cutting-edge advancements in camera support solutions

Thu 18, 04 2024

Cartoni’s cutting-edge advancements in camera support solutions

With the rapidly evolving technology, camera supports must stay in step with the market’s evolution. Traditional tripods with fluid action heads – one of the pillars in shooting – will gradually give way to a diverse array of supports, handheld gimbals, drones, additional axes, remote control, etc.

For decades Cartoni has been at the forefront of understanding and adapting to the needs of camera operators. Today, its impressive range of fluid heads and tripods includes various support alternatives to meet the new demands.

As image capture faces new challenges with increasingly sophisticated equipment, innovative tools are required to integrate with the workflow. While advancements are witnessed in data transmission, editing, and lighting, the evolution of camera support technology is equally diversified.

The pandemic and social distancing necessity accelerated the use of remote-controlled heads as PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, contributing to the enhanced performance of the latest cameras 4K and over. Simultaneously, the growing popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) required position tracking in nearly every shooting scenario.

In response to these challenges, Cartoni has introduced a dedicated line of PTZ S support solutions, designed to facilitate the installation of PTZ with professional cameras in studios, newsrooms, sports, houses of worship and more. This range includes specialized PTZ stands, ensuring extreme stability while blending in the set design, as well as levelling accessories and quick-release plates for fast set-ups. A standout product is the Lifto 25, a motorized remote-controlled elevation unit that introduces an additional axis to the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions. Specifically designed for easy integration with Lifto 25 & PTZ cameras, operations can be performed by the new PTZ controller or conveyed to a footswitch or any game pad via USB to remotely control up to 5 Lifto 25 & PTZ simultaneously. The controller integrates with leading brands’ consoles such as Panasonic, Sony, and Canon, just to name a few.

For applications in Virtual Production, Cartoni has equipped its high-end professional support heads lines with high-resolution optical encoders. These encoders provide precise angular movement data, facilitating the smooth integration of position overlays onto virtual backgrounds or characters/objects within the shot.

The unique integration of position optical encoders directly onto the rotation shafts of all Cartoni professional heads ensures an impressive accuracy of 4 million counts per turn, surpassing by far the requirements of virtual engine composition. When combined with other tracking devices, such as infrared reflection or surface detection, this ultra-precise reading elevates overall tracking precision, providing essential accuracy to image composition.

As of 2023, all Cartoni professional heads are available with optional position encoders, comprising a series of eleven different camera supports, including a Jib and the nodal Lambda 25 fluid head. The position tracking data can be easily collected directly from the encoder and streamed through a Cartoni VR Box or any other data collector and processor. Using an open protocol, this data interfaces with any virtual engine.

Cartoni remains committed to all shooting technologies, streamlining workflows, and providing data for processing and editing various layers of images. The company’s constant research aims at creating faster, intuitive, user-friendly, reliable, comfortable, and well serviced tools for camera operators. Better working conditions ultimately lead to greater artistic expression.

The interactive nature of Cartoni equipment, coupled with the powerful contributions of electronics and AI, is poised to simplify production speed, and enhance quality. Cartoni imagines a future characterized by collaboration, where manufacturers foster dialogue and create pathways for multidisciplinary solutions, as opposed to mono-brand concepts by enclosing protocols.

About Cartoni

Cartoni is recognized worldwide as a leader in film & broadcast camera support. It is the only professional support company that designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles in Italy through its base in Rome. The company applies special attention to energy saving and environmental conservation and is the only company that offers an unparalleled free, 5-year warranty on all fluid heads and pedestals.  Since 1935, Cartoni has maintained its preeminent position by delivering superior technology and offering support products for a range of cameras from compact digital devices to large studio cameras. Its products include fluid heads, encoded & nodal heads, tripods, and pedestals.

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