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Case Study – Is new tech real or just smoke and mirrors?

Tue 10, 12 2019

Bea Alonso (Director, Product Marketing – Dalet) & Steve Faulmann (Senior Software Developer, Smoke and Mirrors)

Build or buy? The dilemma faced by many broadcast and media companies investing in a significant new technology platform.

Why not both? That’s the conclusion global post-production company Smoke and Mirrors came to, modernising their content supply chain with best-of-breed technology, with a business demanding complex rules for quality control, transcode and delivery.

Hear how Smoke and Mirrors partnered with Dalet to find a balance allowing them to leverage an out-of-the-box, modern, scalable and configurable integration layer, with open APIs, providing them with the tools to develop their own integrations as they built a modern media factory.


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