Media Tech Intelligence Briefing: CES 2023 Report

Tue 17, 01 2023

CES, the Consumer Technology Association’s monolithic annual show in Las Vegas, made a strong return to form this year after two difficult years affected by the pandemic. 2023 attendance reached 115K attendees, a strong step towards the 160-170K averages prior to the pandemic and a surpassing of expectations given a lacklustre 40K attendees in 2021 during the COVID-19 Omicron surge.

A number of macro factors loomed over consumers and the industry coming into this year’s show. A cooling global economy, slowing consumer spending due to inflation concerns, and supply chain constraints over the last two years were all question marks affecting outlooks for the CE industry – as well as expectations for this year’s CES.

This report focuses on news and developments relevant to the Broadcast, Media and Entertainment industry.

View the interactive report below, or click here to access the pdf.

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