Bring the Workflow Together, an Interview with StorageDNA

The rise to prominence of myriad social media platforms, smartphone apps, and OTT portals has sparked an explosion of new media distribution channels. With this phenomenon, media and entertainment organizations are scrambling to keep up with the demands for data storage capacity. But with the resulting deployment of evermore silos of data storage at multiple tier levels, the question arises of how to effectively manage all of this data storage as the media assets continue to pile up. This webinar presents a discussion by Erik Weaver, Media and Entertainment thought leader, looking at the DNAFabric data management platform with StorageDNA President and CEO, Tridib Chakravarty, and Cloudian's Media expert, David Phillips.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to "right-size" the multiple tiers of data storage
  • How to leverage tiers to prevent overspend
  • Challenges of managing distributed data centers as well as distributed users
  • How to remove barriers between on-prem and public cloud storage


  • Tridib Chakravarty, StorageDNA, President
  • David Phillips, Cloudian, Media Specialist
  • Erik Weaver, Entertainment Technology Center at USC, Special Projects Director