Complete production automation for Riot Games and League of Legends competitions

Complete production automation for Riot Games and League of Legends competitions


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Complete production automation for Riot Games and League of Legends competitions

Mon 31, 01 2022

PCR solution for eSports: Complete production automation for Riot Games and League of Legends competitions the successful partnership between wTVision and Riot Games started 6 years ago, marking the debut of wTVision into the gaming world with live broadcasts of the League of Legends’ Brazilian circuit. The project has since then spread to Mexico, Chile, and South Korea, covering a total of 11 different Riot Games competitions. Riot Games developed League of Legends and the game quickly became one of the biggest successes in the history of gaming. LoL is the most played PC game in the world, with more than 25 million players, and was a key factor in the explosion of eSports competitions since 2009

wTVision developed a PCR solution with its own software to automate real-time graphics and data and implemented the graphic package on live competitions, pre- and post-match analysis. The pro[1]duction automation package includes social media integration, to highlight interactivity and audience engagement, tracked augmented reality graphics, and detailed data for on-air graphics. Live competition and studio coverage Riot Games Brazil’s competitions are broadcasted to more than 600 thousand people a day from the company’s YouTube and Twitch channels as well as Nimo TV.

To set up the complete live coverage for Riot Games, one thing was certain: our Studio CG had to be able to import official data and broadcast live graphics during the tournaments, but it also had to be prepared for the studio coverage that happens before and after every competition. This added a long list of capabilities Studio CG had to be ready to incorporate, such as controlling videos, graphics, augmented reality, and virtual placement, or even importing data from social media feeds.

With wTVision’s complete solution and the graphics workflow provided by them, we can get everything we need for a live show with just one operator. Fernando Svevo, Content, Broadcast and Events Riot Games.

First things first, wTVision started by receiving Riot Games’ graphic package and official brand guidelines and integrated both into broadcast graphics. This was accomplished by our skilled broadcast design team, which guarantees the creative process and the technical aspects to get any graphic on air. For the live coverage of the Riot Games’ Brazilian circuit, which is the main object of this Case Study, we built two separate setups that can fulfill our partner’s main goal: a show that highlights the passion and interactivity of a major eSports competition. To generate real-time graphics wTVision uses a combination of Studio CG, our on-air graphics and video controller, with VizRT’s Engine. This combination is responsible for the main live graphics such as lower[1]thirds, tickers, wipes, charts, or infographics. This same system is used for broadcast graphics during live studio shows. All data displayed is imported in real-time by Studio CG thanks to an integration with Riot’s official database. Our software can receive statistics and data, like player’s information, game statistics, MVPs, and rankings, and incorporate them into live competitions with a couple of simple steps.

It is a key factor that we’re able to integrate our live production workflow with Riot’s official database. Our products’ agnostic components made it possible to do so in a very simple and effective way. And fans get to experi[1]ence real-time data from the official source.

Bruno Parreiras, wTVision’s Brazil Country Manager

This is particularly important as we follow the competitions but also relevant for the live studio shows, where we can provide commentators and journalists with official data, retrieved from the official source, and treat information to give better insight to audiences at home. Every piece of information that is generated by players across the globe can be broadcast at any given time.

Another major part of this project is the Tracked Augmented Reality solution developed for live events and studio coverage. It adds the show factor to audiences and allows Riot Games to incorporate immersive advertising and other key elements into their content. The AR solution allows us to produce the most interesting content for au[1]diences and helps us create an interactive experience for our broadcasting partners.

Fernando Svevo, Content, Broadcast and Events Riot Games

The virtual placement solution is possible thanks to wTVision’s very own rendering engine, R³ Space Engine, controlled by the heart of the production automation: Studio CG. The effect generated by this system (used on studio shows and live games) is also fed by Ncam, a customizable augmented reality tracking platform that enables photorealistic virtual graphics in real-time. The integration creates an immersive environment with state-of-the-art augmented reality graphics, designed to impress audiences and help competitions monetize their broadcasts.

Augmented reality graphics include lineups, team logos, general stats, and graphics comparisons between players.

Our partnership with wTVision has been around for many years. We look at it as a strategic component to keep evolving with our broadcasts and to develop new solutions for our faithful audience.

Fernando Svevo, Content, Broadcast and Events Riot Games

Social Media integration

To keep audiences engaged and the fans’ participation at high levels, we used our partner’s Flowics’ audience participation solution integrated with our controller: Studio CG. With this simple workflow, it is simple to curate, select and broadcast social media content into compelling on-air graphics. Thanks to Studio CG’s architecture it is possible to set rules and select content that perfectly demonstrates the fans’ live reaction while competitions are still happening or after the games are over. Social media integration is particularly important in the world of eSports, where viewers are encouraged to follow live broadcasts on multiple platforms that are very often not the traditional broadcasting mediums.

Competitions we are covering

The successful partnership between wTVision and Riot Games started 6 years ago, and the project has since then spread to Mexico, Chile, and South Korea, covering a total of 11 Riot Games competitions. A simple graphics and data operation made way to a world of PCR solutions across de globe.

What we covered:

– CBLOL Academy
– UniLOL
– Worlds
– Red Bull Player One
– All Star
– Pat to Pro
– Rift to Rivals
– Wild Tour
– TFT Prolegends

Our partnership with Riot has been a continuous success story, full of new challenges and innovation at each coming season. What started as a simple graphics and data solution is now a much more robust, immersive, and com[1]prehensive package that we can’t wait to keep working on.

Bruno Parreiras, wTVision’s Brazil Country Manages

Check our video to understand the entire scope of our project:







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