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Connect & Communicate with Roland – ‘LIVE STREAMING SOLUTIONS’

Mon 19, 10 2020

Richard Warburton, plus guests from Roland Live Streaming

'Find out how to get online and start livestreaming with real-time video using Roland streaming solutions'

If you need to communicate online with real-time video, whether it's a presentation to a private group or a broadcast to the entire world, Roland provide a range of streaming products to help you connect. If you are creating content you want to make it engaging, if you are a performer you now have a virtual audience to impress - but how do you choose the right products to achieve professional results? This webinar will cover the VR range of plug-and-play livestreaming solutions available now from Roland, explain the choice of products depending on application and budget - and demonstrate just how easy it is to produce high quality online content regardless of your technical ability.

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