Content Creation & Production Report

Content Creation & Production Report

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Content Chain Trends report – Content Creation & Production

Wed 23, 02 2022

Our latest Content Chain Trends Report: Content Creation & Production discusses major macro business and tech trends as well as their implications on products and services in Create & Produce. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of cloud and pushed media businesses to invest more in remote production, while consolidating their crews. In this report, we also analyze the explosive growth of the “creator economy”, which offers new business opportunities for tech vendors, many of whom have already responded to the increasing need for smaller, lighter, cheaper and connected cameras – used by individual videomakers – by launching products to this new vertical.


  • The disrupted supply chain, driven by the global chip shortage, has led to price increases for key hardware components. Many suppliers were therefore forced to increase prices, sharing the financial pressure with their customers.
  • Major revenue drivers like sports events and studio productions made a comeback in 2021, boosting investment in original content and remote production.
  • Demand for content production equipment – being more reliant on software and cloud-based solutions – has recovered quickly, but not in every product category.
  • Content creation and production are greatly affected by the transition to DTC business models, changing tech demand in all sectors, particularly in live sports.
  • Collaboration remains a key investment driver for media companies.
  • The emergence of the “creator economy” provides interesting new business opportunities for media companies, leading to technology democratization.
  • In graphics and video production, media companies are investing in augmented reality, virtual studios, real-time motion graphics, and other features to boost interactivity.

View the interactive report below, or click here to view the pdf version.

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