from 25/26 April
Hosted by Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and IABM

A series of interviews and presentations from industry leaders in Virtual Production, Cyber Security, Virtual Worlds, Media Convergence, AI/ML and Metadata driven workflows, giving you the inside knowledge and ‘under the hood’ view of how technology is shaping the future of creativity, collaboration and business efficiency. Hosted by Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and IABM, this is your chance to learn from the experts about how these trends are delivering new opportunities in Media & Entertainment! Hosted in IABM’s BaM Zone in N117LMR, off the central boulevard of the LVCC.


M&E Convergence
In the last two years, several M&E businesses have launched offerings that borrow elements from other sectors. We have often referred to this trend as M&E convergence and highlighted that it represents a major change for the M&E sector. In this session, Lorenzo Zanni, IABM's Head of Knowledge, presents the latest IABM research on M&E Convergence, including why this phenomenon is happening and its implication for business and technology

A New Era of Filmmaking
Virtual production is a playground of technology where exploring stories expands creative possibilities while focusing efforts and streamlining shot preparation before principal photography. Both fully animated and live action projects can adopt real-time workflows that includes location scouting and all forms of visualization such as previz, techviz and stuntviz. Virtual Production can save time and unite teams. It is the future of filmmaking.

What Sports Broadcasting Teaches Us About The Future of The Industry
In this session we will explore the evolution of the broadcast industry through the lens of sports broadcasting, examining the technologies that have paved the way for how we experience broadcast today and the new innovations in audio, AI, XR, and volumetric video that are setting the industry up for its next chapter towards complete immersion.

Cyber security strategies for modern file and object workflows
File and object workflows are here to stay. This session will cover key strategies to protect file and object in private and hybrid cloud architectures. Including the full data lifecycle comprises of production , cool and cold data.

Managing Cybersecurity Risk In Distributed Content Handling Environments
The last 24-months have seen substantial disruption to facilities in M&E by virtue of the COVID-19 pandemic. Facilities have been forced to embrace new paradigms including work from home, and adopt new workflows that incorporate SaaS and PaaS based offerings. This talk will examine how facilities should review their approach to cybersecurity risk, risk assessment, and risk treatment in distributed environments. We will also take a brief look at emerging technologies such as SD-WAN, SASE, and ZTNA that may help in reducing risk in these distributed environments.

Metadata-Driven Production
In the right hands, metadata is the essence that can drive articulate orchestration of content production workflows inter- and intra-organisation. It enables nuanced decision making leading to the right data, in the right place at precisely the right time.
This session will explore a) the possibilities for increasing the scales and production complexity, b) process and cost optimisation, c) for local, collaborative and geographically distributed production when leveraging metadata: metadata that is arbitrary and a fundamental part of the storage and file systems, process management, and transmission systems.