FilmTrack: BaM Shortlist – Monetize

FilmTrack: BaM Shortlist – Monetize

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FilmTrack: BaM Shortlist – Monetize

Journal Article by FilmTrack

Tue 20, 12 2022

FilmTrack is a comprehensive rights management software that makes it easy for content producers and distributors of all sizes to track, monetize, and analyze their content library - getting to market quicker, highlighting available titles, and preventing overlap and risk.

FilmTrack includes multiple key rights management features, including:

Contracts and availabilities manager - Manage your library while identifying potential sources of revenue or overlap risk - what is available to sell, what is not available, and when it will become available.

Financials manager - Sophisticated calculations engines calculate your Royalties In/Out and Multiple Participant Agreements. It integrates with your ERP or system of record as a subledger to your general ledger to save time and provide the right information to the right systems.

Robust business intelligence - Overview and drill into the details of your contract or library performance, combined with data from other systems in your ecosystem for a single view of pertinent data sources.

FilmTrack’s Contracts and Availabilities Manager creates a smooth workflow to manage contract lifecycles from end-to-end. This includes templates to communicate exclusivity, options, holdbacks, expirations, restrictions, and exclusions, as well as managing relationships and contact information for all the involved parties. It also includes an instant conflict checker, and more. The system is overlaid with a best-in-class search engine to make it easy to find the title, person, or other item you need.

Adding FilmTrack’s Financials Manager takes the solution to the next level. You may need to manage complex calculations for royalty payments, consumption rates, currencies, and more. Most commercial ERPs and financial softwares don’t manage these industry-specific measures very well, but FilmTrack is purpose-built for this requirement.

FilmTrack’s Financials Manager allows you to ingest needed data from your financial systems, combine it with FilmTrack specific data and internal sub-ledger, and provide the corporate financial system back with the needed data for the enterprise. This leaves the detailed data with the team that needs it, instead of spending a fortune customizing your ERP.

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