IABM DC Global Market Valuation & Strategy Report

Essential reading from the experienced and trusted reporting experts

The IABM DC Global Market Valuation and Strategy Report is widely considered the definitive reference for market segmentation and sizing in media technology given the direct participation of technology suppliers and service providers.

The report is…

  • collaborative initiative with the technology vendors and service providers in the media technology sector
  • The authoritative reference on market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting because it is based on the actual sales results of the technology vendor and service providers
  • An independent report produced without influence from the commercial motivations of covered companies or report purchasers
  • timely reference on both the performance of the sector and the developments impacting sector performance
  • comprehensive review of the entire media technology workflow, covering over 150 product and service categories and over 3,000 vendors and service providers
  • global evaluation of the media technology sector, harmonizing regional and product differences into a common framework
  • Widely referenced by media customers, institutional investors, industry press, technology vendors and service providers

Why is it vital reading for your business?

  • At the highest level, it gives vital information you need to target your development, sales and marketing efforts into a segment that’s growing. It’s accepted wisdom that companies can’t stand still – grow or die
  • You need to know what your position is within a segment and who the competition is. This way you can identify the more successful companies, ascertain what’s driving their success and so compete better
  • Technology trends. This information is useful in many ways – credibility when talking with people – ‘you can believe me because this is independent, authoritative information and we’re aligned with it’ – vital when you’re selling a company, acquiring one or looking for finance etc.
  • It gives you a helicopter view of where things are really going – a solid check on what your product managers say in segments, or your salespeople in geographies
  • It’s great to know you’re in the top 5 – emphasizes the success of your business, providing all-round reassurance; good for management, good for staff, good for backers
  • By choosing to be a partner (not just a purchaser) in the GMVR, you’re helping to ensure its accuracy, making it a more powerful, believable business tool – more credible. It’s enlightened self-interest

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